FDF launches series of special events and programs at Jebel Hafeet Community Center

Abu Dhabi: The Family Development Foundation (FDF) launched a series of workshops, programs and educational training sessions and cultural events targeting children, youth, senior citizens and women at the Jebel Hafeet Community Center in Al Ain.

The workshops and programs comes in line with the strategy of FDF that aims to progress sustainable development, create a more affluent and stable society and contribute to reinforcing the capabilities of the members of a family from children and young people to parents and senior citizens, despite of their age, in order to guarantee a prosperous future for the different segments of society.

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The Jebel Hafeet Community Center marks the commencement of activities with the ‘Homeland Factory Series’ workshop held at Zayed Humanitarian Library, which seeks to enhance reading as a daily habit among the members of society by hosting a series of meeting with that has notable influence in the region. In addition, the workshop enables these families to share their experiences in developing an interactive environment among their members and highlight the techniques and tools they used to execute this positive model.

The Center conducted the ‘Holy Quran Memorization Workshop’ within the Barakat Al-Dar Club focusing on senior citizens, by collaborating with the Center of the General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments. In addition, the Foundation organized ‘Forever Fit Workshops’ to encourage senior citizens and residents to engage in physical activity. The series of workshops seeks to support senior citizens to follow healthy behaviors by providing them with various sporting activities, to attain the highest levels of health and safety and to maintain personal, mental and physical balance, allowing them to lead a better life in society.

The Center organized a digital rehabilitation workshop to raise awareness about the Tamm platform, within the members of Barakat Al Dar club. The workshop seeks at enabling senior citizen to use the platform and browse internet to keep updated about digital systems and technological developments. It also aims to assist senior citizens to learn about various services provided by Tamm platform that facilitates their access to social, economic and other services in a seamless way and increase exposure to the world.

The ‘Happy Parenting during Adolescence Workshop’, which comes within the Social Empowerment Club for Women and the Family was also organized at the Center.  The key objective of the workshop is to enhance the skills of parents and enable them to better understand the basic requirements of children, highlight their role in safeguarding and directing them and educating them about the proper way of treating them. The workshop also aims to shed light on to the areas including the foundations of healthy upbringing, various stages of a child’s development and the needs of each stage to create a coherent and happy family.

Under the Al Dar Children and Youth Club, the Center hosted the ‘UAE Handicrafts’ workshop, which seeks to acquainting children with handicrafts and encourage them to learn more about Emirati customs and traditions. It also organized a workshop entitled ‘Promoting national identity and instilling customs and traditions in our children’ which raise awareness among children regarding the significance of heritage and national identity, to embed it in their memory and always remind them of the role of their ancient heritage as a gateway to the future.

Kanna Al Ameri, Director of the Jebel Hafeet Community Center, commented that the workshops and events hosted by the Center holds a key role in fostering a social change in Al Ain. It also seeks to protect the quality of family life and its unity by delivering an integrated system that allows families to acquire the required knowledge and skills and quickly address community needs. The Center focuses on all family members by providing a wide array of programs and activities that fit their needs and interests, which elevates the quality of family life and its cohesion in terms of empowering them, encouraging preventive care, and encouraging their community participation.”

Al Ameri also highlighted the Center’s keenness to create strategies for programs and events that contribute towards attaining its objectives in delivering social services and events. These events are particularly designed to fit into the peculiarities of society in Al Ain and meet its requirements in a way that guarantees the accomplishment of a social impact that is in the interest of the family.

In addition, Al Ameri pointed out the integrated social services system offered by the Center during the morning and evening periods. The major goal of the system is to boost the quality of family life, to offer integrated services as per a systematic scientific study of needs. The services will contribute to reinforcing the potentials of individuals, development of their social ties and ensuring a better future for their families, that would help in creating a sensible and empowered generation equipped to confront the unexpected challenges arising in life.

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