‘EYEDEX 2015’ will stress on the importance of a good nursery school

Parents and kids at the last years EYEDEX showDubai, UAE, May 3rd, 2015: The third edition of Early Years Education Exhibition (EYEDEX) 2015, aims to help parents look for the best nurseries and schools suitable for the educational needs of their children. Through direct interactions with educators from the finest schools in the United Arab Emirates, EYEDEX is a platform that will help parents understand what each nursery and school has to offer, in addition with the advantages of enrolling a child in a good educational institution. Open for parents and children, EYEDEX, a Dubai Calendar event, will be held from May 15-16 this year from 11AM-6PM at Conrad Dubai. EYEDEX will offer workshops for parents and educators, activities for children, and also exciting prizes.

According to Sharmin Patel, founder of EYEDEX, “We acknowledge a nursery school as a crucial part in the intellectual, social, and psychological advancement of a child since the former is very instrumental in the latter’s real-life preparations and developmental advancements. EYEDEX is very convenient and also relevant for busy parents in search of the best schools in the region. They don’t have to go from school to school because the finest ones are present in this event”.

Choosing the best nursery or school is challenging since there are many factors to be considered. Aside from the demand for knowledge and information, there are also important deciding factors such as ease of location, cost-effectiveness, and influences from relatives and peers. If requirements are not met, parents enroll their child to a different school without realizing the psychological and emotional effects this change might bring to their child.

Patel said, “The most important things to consider when choosing schools are the quality of education, environment, and staff in addition to financial considerations. The most important thing a good nursery school can bring to a child is social development. They help children of the same age interact and since they are put in a new environment, they can learn and explore together. It helps them to become more confident and also help improve their psychological state. Parents can find all the answers at EYEDEX”.

This year’s EYEDEX will introduce parents and educators to new concepts and tools in child development. Brain Music, the latest concept in mental development, utilizes music to enhance a child’s brain with improved cognitive, physical, emotional, and social skills. Another advancement is the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (DMIT), an analysis tool to help educators and parents understand a child’s inborn talents, learning style, and other aspects of brain development. “These tools help provide the right stimulus and environment for a child’s brain development. Each child has a different learning style and pace”, Patel added.

EYEDEX 2015 will also be giving away exciting prizes to lucky children and mothers, with the grand prize of a FREE Nursery Term to one lucky child! Other prizes also await, including an iPhone 6, a Little Gym annual membership, an annual membership for one mother at a local gym, four one-month free tuition fee at a nursery in Dubai and a 2-week free summer camp registration among other promotions.

EYEDEX 2015 will treat children to an entire day of fun-filled activities, games, and prizes. Workshops for parents and educators will run on both days covering various topics on early education, childcare, and child development.

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