Eye of the Emirates Wheel Celebrates 14th Anniversary at Al Montazah Parks


Sharjah’s most recognisable landmark, Eye of the Emirates wheel, will be celebrating its 14th anniversary at Al Montazah Parks on 12th April 2019. Sharjah’s iconic Eye panoramas over the city’s major attractions and famous markets, such as the Central Souq, Al Majaz Amphitheatre, Al Jubail Souq, Al Majaz Waterfront, Khalid Lagoon, The Flag Island, Al Noor Island and Al Noor Mosque.

To mark the occasion of the anniversary celebration, visitors of all ages are invited to witness eye-catching dance shows that will begin from 5pm onwards. Dance ensembles with their performances in ‘Unicorns and Rainbows & Bubbles’ and the ‘Tea Party’ will enthrall audiences during their cultural shows.

With this, the Spring Festival at Al Montazah Parks will come to a ceremonious close displaying an awe-inspiring firework show that will take place on Friday at 9pm, where the sky will be a canvas for the mesmerising colours.

The annual Spring Festival that began on 28th March, is a gala filled with a variety of entertainment and acrobatic shows. The gala gathers top performers from the country, and features musical, dance, comedy, and drama performances. Colourful, boisterous and festooned artists are also seen parading the family amusement and waterpark destination.

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