Esprit Launches #Imperfect Campaign

Dubai, UAE Sep 3, 2015: International fashion brand Esprit reveals the theme of the Fall/Winter 2015 campaign, featuring the ImPerfect hashtag through a lively and diverse cast of unique-looking individuals. Esprit’s Fall/Winter 2015 communication strategy raises questions of perfection and imperfection, celebrating individualism. The selected campaign look represents the sentiment of unbridled freedom of expression characteristic of the 1970s and the early founding days of Esprit.


#ImPerfect – Celebrating the perfect ‘You’

Who’s perfect? In fact, it is those little imperfections that render an individual memorable, standing out from the crowd. This is the simple message behind Esprit’s Fall/Winter 2015 #ImPerfect campaign, and the brand’s core philosophy. Let’s celebrate and embrace who we are, rather than striving to be like everyone else.

#ImPerfect is a message that aims to empower the individual to love all those little imperfections and different ways of being, qualities which render each of us perfect in our own right. It is an invitation to experiment with fashion. With its simplicity and double meaning, the campaign allows viewers to make up their own minds concerning what #ImPerfect means to them.

A Distinctly Esprit Attitude, Delivered with a Human Touch

Shot by renowned photographer Christian MacDonald, the #ImPerfect campaign stars a lively cast of unique looking characters. The fabulously diverse faces and styles clearly dispel the notion that one ‘ideal’ look reigns supreme, or that one fashion approach wins out.


”With the campaign, we are connecting with the roots of Esprit communication and the early days of the brand, reinstating the empowerment, the passion for a cause and the human spirit that has always been in our DNA” comments Arnd Müller, Senior Vice President Head of Global Marketing and Member of the Executive Management Team.  “We believe the campaign will resonate with the today’s younger generation in a distinctive and authentic way.”

A Folk Revival

What better era to represent that characteristic notion of unbridled freedom of expression than the 1970s: Esprit’s early years. The strongly-colored background of the campaign remains unchanged, yet the diverse cast of characters – and their favorite looks in jacquard, bouclé, suede, patchwork, denim, plaid, knit, faux fur designs and a whole lot more – do not. Whatever your choice may be, a sense of freedom and fun awaits.

Esprit’s new Fall/Winter collection is now available in stores. 


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