Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition Starts 9th of April


Under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of Dubai Executive Council, the second edition of the Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition starts 9th of April and continues until 11 April 2018 at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center under the theme of “Science Serving Justice.”

This announcement was made at a press conference held at the Dubai Police General Headquarters in cooperation with INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions, member of INDEX Holding. The press conference was also attended by Major-General Dr. Ahmad Eid Al Mansouri, General Director of Forensic Science and Criminology Department at Dubai Police HQ and Deputy Conference Chairman of Emirates Forensic, Brigadier Dr. Jasem Merza , Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Chairman of INDEX Holding and Executive Chairman of Emirates Forensic, Dr. Fuad Ali Tarbah, Senior Criminal Poison Specialist and Director of Training Research & Development Department at the Forensic Science and Criminology Department, and a number of officers and individuals, and media professionals.
His Excellency Major General Expert Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Assistant Commander of Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at Dubai Police, stressed that they are keen to keep abreast of the technical and scientific developments and advances. This is manifested by Dubai Police’s launch of the first-ever Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition in the region last year. It is one of the most prominent events that bring together experts of the East and West in specialized criminal sciences through an academic encounter in which various challenges of criminology are presented and revealed. He announced that specialized workshops will also be held on the 8th of April prior to the event’s date.

His Excellency Major General Expert Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri also noted, “The specialization of forensics and criminology is developing with the development of crime and the innovation of new means and tools by perpetrators. This requires them anticipating and foreseeing the future of scientific disciplines in this field, adapting technology and artificial intelligence in order to detect crimes. It also requires specialists and experts to think of different, more creative and innovative ways to fight crime and perpetrators and exchange experiences in this field.”
On his part, Major-General Dr. Ahmad Eid Al Mansouri, Director-General of Forensic Science and Criminology Department at Dubai Police said: “The conference and exhibition will be an important platform to meet with a group of experts in forensic science and criminology. It will discuss the latest developments in everything related to the field, including studies, research and technologies worldwide, as well as it will give students the opportunity to learn about latest research and specialized techniques to find an opportunity for them to participate actively and gain experience. In addition, the event will highlight the role of Dubai Police forensics personnel and position Dubai on the international map, hosting interactive dialogue sessions and hold an exhibition featuring the latest techniques and technologies in forensic science.”

He has also pointed out that this year’s conference focuses on its content to combat suspicion, since many evidence is supportive of the case and not conclusive. He added that some of the new evidence, such as those related to cybercrime and the fingerprint of the eye, movement and smell, are being used to be taken as definitive evidence condemning the perpetrators.
Major-General Dr. Ahmad Eid Al Mansouri added that the General Directorate of Criminal Evidence will present 12 participations and 27 electronic scientific posters, in addition to 3 specialized topics to be addressed. The first concerns crimes that may be related to three-dimensional printing, and the second is related to sound crimes, and the third theme is about cybercrime.

From his side, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Chairman of INDEX Holding and Executive Chairman of Emirates Forensic, spoke about the importance of this event and expressed his p ride in and admiration for the interaction and readiness of the participants in the conference and exhibition, saying: “The importance of the current edition of the Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition stems from the fact that it highlights the important role of science and the great effort of scientists and specialists in the support and assistance of criminal investigations in the attainment of justice.”
Dr. Al Madani added, “The Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition would be special this year through the topics to be discussed and the speakers who will participate in it. Besides, it will contribute to raising awareness among competent authorities, communities and countries locally, regionally and globally. This international event is expected to attract more than 2000 participants, including exhibitors, visitors and speakers from around the world.”

On his part, Dr. Fuad Ali Tarbah, Senior Criminal Poison Specialist and Director of Training Research & Development Department at the Forensic Science and Criminology Department, said: “The conference will host 46 local and international experts, 7 workshops, 20 exhibitors, and more than 30 scientific lectures and 70 summaries. Besides, it will include selected chairs of world organizations of forensic science and criminology in the US, UK, France, Germany, Australia, Austria and other countries of the world, as well as scientists from the GCC countries and experts from the UAE in the criminal field.”

He also said: “Emirates Forensic caters also to university students, allowing them the opportunity to present their research papers through oral and poster presentations and they will also have the opportunity to participate in the Young Scientist Award Competition, which comes in line with the UAE’s vision innovation and research in different field. The awards will go for the best scientific paper, the best scientific poster, and best research.”

He added: “The conference scopes will discuss the effects of the use of 3D printing technology on forensic evidence, the mechanism of automatic facial detection of missing children and adults after a period of time, a study on the pattern of injuries in death caused by fires, the degree of confidence given by forensic reporters, factors influencing digital forensic investigations, licensing of forensic scientists to ensure Quality of work, the effects of painkillers after death, self-forgery of signatures, forensic psychology in the GCC, and other scopes of interest to specialists in the field of forensic science.”

Dr. Fuad Ali Tarbah has also pointed out that the conference will present for the first time electronic scientific posters on smart screens and 15 scientific organizations have become partners of the Dubai Police including global and local organizations and universities.
The Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition is a great platform bringing together experts from all over the world to shed light on the advancement of forensic science and forensic medicine, as well as an important step in Dubai’s quest for excellence and professionalism in this field. Also, it is an opportunity to exchange ideas among experts and specialists.
Topics, that are totally new to this event, will be addressed this year, particularly as they are highly thematic topics that attract experts and assist specialists to perform their work perfectly well in the fight against and elimination of crimes, the arrest of perpetrators in order to preserve lives and public property, and exchange knowledge on the most pressing issues in the region.

The conference agenda will cover topics, including forensic medicine, forensic anthropology (criminal anthropology), forensic odontology, and forensic chemistry (criminal chemistry). Also, mechanisms of tracing evidence/explosives, forensic genetics & biology and DNA, forensic toxicology/ postmortem toxicology, nuclear physics forensic, and forensic nursing will be explored. In addition, updates in cyber forensic and digital science and audio and multimedia analysis will be discussed.

The conference will also examine mechanisms of law enforcement, ethics, education, mass disasters, questioned documents, crime scene investigation, crimes involving CBRN. Forensic engineering, firearm and tool marks, criminology & forensic psychology, management & quality assurance and innovation in forensic evidence will be highlighted.

It is worth noting that the parallel exhibition will include products and equipment for collecting, tagging and bagging evidence at the scene of the crime, products and equipment designed to help identify and prioritize pieces of evidence at the crime scene, forensic biology analysis equipment (DNA analysis, hair & blood pattern analysis, finger prints, animal, plant and soil traces), digital investigation equipment, such as digital imaging, speech and audio analysis, data analysis, other digital devices (Sat Nav’s, Games Consoles, Memory Sticks, etc.). The exhibition will also include platforms for relevant insurance companies, media, publications, unions and associations.

These conferences play a key role in exchanging skills, enriching knowledge and keeping up with the latest scientific advances in forensics and criminology. Dubai Police is keen to host this conference and support any similar scientific gatherings to connect development, progress and prosperity to safety and security to achieve the country’s strategic objectives.
Emirates International Forensic Conference & Exhibition is organized by INDEX Conferences & Exhibitions – a member of INDEX Holding, in partnership with Dubai Police.

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