Embrace Organic Harvest’s ‘Activ’ range for beautiful skin from within.


Deluge in opulent blends of nature’s finest ingredients to restore youthful, flawless and glowing skin.

A perfect response to stressful urban living, Organic Harvest’s ‘Activ’ range is here to nourish, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin from within.

A sought-after amalgamation of nature’s purest ingredients combined with modern skin sciences; the entire range has skincare must-haves for complete day-day care. Offering a delightful start to your face care regime, plunge in the lavish blend of Acai berry extract with liquid shea butter and olive oil. Organic Harvest’s ‘Damage Control Massaging Cleanser is equipped with a unique, integrated cleansing brush with ultra-soft and flexible silicon bristles. The stroking movements of the massager not only deeply exfoliate but also help in softening the skin. Organic Acai berry, rich in antioxidants, imparts radiant results whilst massager keeps impurities away! It’s Cleansing Milk range concocted individually for normal, oily and dry skin are gentle on the skin and cleanses without ripping away skin’s essential moisture. All the formulations are Paraben-free, Sles-free and alcohol-free without any added colour; to offer gentle care for daily usage.

Continuous stress and tedious jobscan make your skin look dull and fragile. Reinvent your lost charisma by adopting this amazing ‘Blush-Shine & Glow’ range. Created in close proximity with nature, this range will drench your skin in a glamorous blend of Beet root extract and Bearberry with a trace of Iris root extract. It helps the skin retain moisture and elasticity, conceals skin imperfections and adds natural freshness, moisture to the skin. Stress also causes puffy and dark eyes and can be tackled with the ‘Bright-I Anti Dark Circles’ range. An extraordinarily effective serum that repairs the skin tissues and under eye puffiness; it ensures amazing elasticity and a healthy glow to your eyes. It’s smooth and gentle texture is perfect for the delicate eye contour effectively targeting two major causes of dark circles: pigmentation and poor microcirculation.

The passage of time inevitably ends up leaving its mark on your face.Experience an age-reversal miracle by smothering yourself in Organic Harvest’s ‘Juvenescence Anti-Ageing’ range. A luxurious blend of Bifilda ferment lysate and Whey protein, with a trace of Honeysuckle extract, it regenerates mature skin by strengthening the dermis thereby improving the elasticity of the skin. You could also pamper yourself like a princess or a legendary queen as the rich antioxidants of Sea Buckthorn are here to replace your daily skin moisturizing needs. The ‘Retention Sea Buckthorn’ range is a water-light serum, concentrated with antioxidant rich plant oils that boosts skin miniaturisation. With an increased quantity of nutrients and deeper penetration capability of this unique blend of Sea Buckthorn extract and Beet root extract, it expedites as well as prolongs the skin’s water retention capacity, leaving behind smooth and well-nourished skin.

Bid adieu to uneven skin tone, spots, blemishes and ugly patches and usher in radiant skin like never before with ‘Luminosity Anti-Pigmentation’ range. A sumptuous blend of black current seed oil, bearberry extract and rosemary leaf extract, with a streak of red guave; it promotes skin levelling and brightening. The proven auxiliary effect of this gentle serum, with concentrated red guave nutrients, is best observed with depigmentation daily cream.

The increasing pollution and the harmful rays of the sun cause our skin to become dull, dry, and blemished. Organic Harvest’s exquisite‘Embellish Skin Lightening’ range has gentle lightening serum, with the magnificent property of organic Daisy flower extract. It deeply penetrates into the skin and reduces melanin formation. A superlight and non-greasy formula, it imparts an excellent skin lightening therapy to otherwise dull, damaged and lustre-lacking skin.You must also equip your skincare regime with pollution defence cream as Organic Harvest’s ‘Protection-Orchid Petal’range, takes a step ahead to strengthen skin’s defence mechanism. A luxurious concoction of Orchid petal extract, containing concentrated antioxidants, it penetrates deep through the layers of skin to impart exponential protection from pollutants and UV rays. Its superlight formula leaves a matte finish whilst prolonging the protection results for you to enjoy clean and damage-free skin, every day.

Whether it’s treating dehydrated skin, your daily skin cleansing routine or protection against harmful UV rays and pollutants; Organic Harvest’s ‘Activ’ range is your beauty arsenal to every skincare worry. With a price ranging from AED 100 to AED 190 only; embrace your ‘Activ’ essential today, for flawless skin!

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