Early screening is one of the utmost factors of decreasing incidence of cancer and improvement in the survival

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Usually we start screening by the age of 40 lower age or earlier if the patient had a family history of breast cancer or detecting a lump in the breast during monthly examination would you prefer to be after the Cyclical period.

The Gene test a valuation is going to be considered for any patient who had one or two family history of breast cancer or if patient had a breast cancer below the age of 50 or lobular type of breast cancer which will change our management and handling of the breast in addition to the patient with the triple negative breast cancer.

Dr. Sadir Alrawi who works as Director of Surgical Oncology Services at Al Zahara Hospital Dubai explains, “Early diagnosis and management of breast cancer if that is of utmost important in their survival and the plan is monthly examination of the breast after the period after age of 16 or 17. Ultrasound of the breast before the age of 40 mammogram after the age of 40 MRI if needed. Stereotactic breast biopsy or lump back to me if we find any abnormality frozen section of valuation and the genetic testing including counseling with her all the team through multidisciplinary meeting including radiology Pathology surgeon radiation and medical oncology for any diagnosis and the best treatment of the patient.”

Breast screening made of ultrasound before the age of the 40 mammogram after the age of 40 however anytime we combined them if we need more information abreast MRI would be considered if we need more fine information in the breast or it is not informative and ultrasound and mammogram however we consider MRI also if that lobular type of cancer or multi centric and multifocal breast cancer.

Dr. Alrawi said, “ Breast reconstruction including uncle Plastic breast surgery or implant and expand there are of utmost important in decreasing the psychological burden on the patient when we do mastectomy in addition to new adjuvant chemo therapy when the patient had locally original advanced breast cancer according to the MDT decision.”

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