Dubai’s Leading Dental Experts Reveal the Key to the Perfect Summer Smile

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – June 2015 – Living in the heat of the UAE we all recognize the need to stay hydrated and take care of our skin in the glare of the summer.  However, our smiles can also suffer during these months so Dr. Michael Apa, Dr. Montalvo Arias and Dr. Molina Rojas from Apa Aesthetics reveal their secrets to mastering the art of the perfect summer smile.

  • A reason for eating an apple a day: Crunchy, fibrous fruits and vegetables are mildly abrasive, so they sweep bacteria and plaque off teeth and also keep you hydrated with high water content.
  • Lips frame your smile: Ensure you regularly apply lip balm or gloss with high SPF to protect against the sun’s rays.
  • Buy an electric toothbrush: The best investment you can make to properly clean your teeth and remove stains, all year round!
  • Reduce the intake of ice creams, sweets and sweetened beverages: Use sugar substitutes and drink water or unsweetened tea.
  • Make your teeth whiter as this will accentuate your tan: Alternate your regular tooth paste with a whitening tooth paste every other week, and try bleaching strips too.
  • Use a mouth-guard: nighttime grinding and sport activities can cause fractures and teeth wear 

Apa Aesthetics is a full service luxury practice in Jumeirah, encompassing 5000 square feet, blending opulent design with the latest technology, featuring a one of a kind ceramics lab on-site. The lavish clinic features six practice and surgery rooms, a conference room and chic white interiors. The clinic also features a VIP room available to treat patients confidentially and in comfort.

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