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The Dubai Fitness Challenge officially kicked off this Friday (October 20th) at Al Safa Park. The Social
chatter surrounding the initiative is seeing a continuous growth with almost 28000 mentions (27829)
from October 2nd to October 23rd
There were over 2000 mentions of the inaugural carnival which took place at Al Safa Park, the 2-day free
for all event saw thousands of people from all backgrounds & ages flock to the park to take part in the

As for the top activities surrounding the Dubai Fitness Challenge, running remains number 1 with 1129
mentions, followed by Yoga (944), Cycling (371) & Crossfit (357).

According to Zubair Timol, Director of Strategy at Meltwater “The immense coverage indicates a positive
reaction, with #Dubai30x30 and #DubaiFitnessChallenge trending the topic continues to be a prevalent
one for companies. Employers are taking employee well-being and fitness into account, such as
Meltwater who recently launched their own, in house yoga room for their employees”

The Dubai Fitness Challenge app is also gaining traction online, with over 360 posts discussing the
dedicated mobile application.

It also goes without saying that the highest volume Dubai Fitness Challenge conversation took place on
the launch date, 20th October (6000+ mentions).

As the leading online news and social media monitoring company, we are delighted to have monitored
the level of engagement with The Dubai Fitness Challenge in the social world and to present you with
the above insights during the event.

Meltwater will be monitoring the initiative across Social Media as it takes place, please feel free to reach
out for more information.

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