Dress for Success – Fresh Clothes Key to Confidence for UAE Women

Philips'-unique-MyEssence-fragrance-capsDubai, UAE – A recent survey conducted by Philips has revealed interesting information on the attitudes and behaviours of women around garment care in the UAE. Out of the 284 women polled, results showed that scent was a key concern when it came to clothing. Over half stated bad smells as the primary reason for cleaning a garment, with stains and wrinkles also proving to be a key concern. Eighty four per cent of respondents stated that they would think twice about going to a place that would make their clothes smell bad.

Philips also queried women on how they refresh their delicate garments between uses, and found that 30 per cent will spray them with perfume to be able to wear them more than once. Another 30 percent of women said that they would air them out, a common way to try and smooth out creases.  Over half answered that they would hesitate buying a garment if it requires dry cleaning.

Philips is now offering women a way to increase the amount of times a garment can be worn between having to be washed or dry cleaned. The ClearTouch Essence Garment Steamer provides a quick and easy way to refresh delicate garments at home, such as an abaya or a silk dress, in a matter of minutes. The innovative new product uses hot steam to kill 99.9 per cent of bacteria, remove wrinkles and allows users to add their favorite scent to any garment using the unique MyEssence caps. Simply add the fragrance, attach the cap to the steamer, and utilize the convenient Hang & Lock function that provides stability during steaming.


Sibel Yildiz, Regional Marketing Director, Philips Personal Health – Middle East & Turkey, said: “Our goal is to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovations. The new ClearTouch Essence Garment Steamer is a product we are very proud of, as it simplifies women’s lives and helps them be more confident. There’s no need to fear wrinkles, and the MyEssence caps add a new dimension to garment steaming, providing a convenient way to infuse garments with your favorite scent, while extending garment wearability – in a hygienic way.”

The Philips ClearTouch Essence Garment Steamer is now on sale in the Middle East, at a recommended retail price of AED 599. It comes with three MyEssence fragrance caps, to make it easy to switch fragrances to suit the occasion. It is safe to use on embroidery, ruches, sequins and delicate fabrics such as cashmere and silk, easy to set up, convenient to store and suitable for use with tap water.

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