Do Your Hair Ties Constantly Go Missing? Hershesons are here to help!

Foolproof style? It’s in the can!


Where on earth do all my hair ties disappear to?

Are you one of those people who is never able to find their hair tie? You fling it in your bag and then poof – it’s gone for all eternity. It’s bad enough when the washing machine randomly eats a sock here and there, but when you have 50 hair ties one day and only two the next, you know there’s a problem. If only there was a way to know where they all went! But if finding lost hair ties proves too difficult or just consumes more time than you’re willing to spend, maybe the best course of action is just to have a solid way to organise the hair ties that prevents them from getting up and wandering away in the first place.

It’s time to bring the hair-tie-black-hole under your control with the Hershesons mini tins.  Hershesons have sourced the best, snag-proof and most durable materials for their hairbands to ensure they can hold the thickest and lushest of ponytails, whether it’s your own or you have had a helping hand from Hershesons hair pieces.

Every tin contains 25 large hairbands, each made from a strong, thick elastic to withstand big, voluminous hair, but also keep even the thinnest hair tied back securely in place. Hershesons hairbands come in a range of three colours; blonde, brown and black to suit all shades of hair. And the best bit; the hairbands are supplied in a handy storage tin which makes it difficult to lose them!

Luke Hersheson, co-founder and creative director for Hershesons, travels the globe shooting with the world’s top models and getting A-list celebrities red carpet ready. Finally uncovering the secrets of his kit bag, Hershesons’ hair apothecary is a pioneering range of hair-must haves that are used by Luke and his team every day in salon, on shoots and at shows.

Hershesons hair ties are priced at 60 AED and are available exclusively at Sephora.   For more information visit

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