Discover The Eye-Catching VisionPlus EXPO 2024 in Dubai!

  • Experience the future of eyewear and eyecare at VisionPlus EXPO 2024

As the anticipation builds, VisionPlus EXPO 2024 invites the optical community to partake in this global celebration of eyewear. Beyond being a trade show, it’s an immersive experience where business, innovation, and fashion converge. Participants can look forward to forging meaningful connections, staying abreast of industry trends, and contributing to the collective growth of the optical trade.

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A Global Showcase of Optical Excellence

Anticipation is high as exhibitors from across the globe gear up to unveil the latest in eye care technology and eyewear fashion. VisionPlus EXPO 2024 promises to be the platform where cutting-edge products and visionary designs converge to delight the international optician community. With exhibitors hailing from diverse corners of the world, attendees can expect a truly international showcase of optical excellence.

The visitor campaign aims to cast a wide net, reaching optical buyers from over 75 countries. This diverse and expansive audience provides an unparalleled opportunity for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas.

What Participants Can Expect

VisionPlus EXPO 2024 promises participants an unparalleled opportunity to capitalize on Dubai’s central location, world-class infrastructure, and the steady influx of business and leisure travellers. Positioned as a procurement hub for an international audience, Dubai shines as the ideal destination for reinventing businesses, especially in the optical trade.

Beyond the business aspects, VisionPlus EXPO 2024 showcases the VP Academy, a CME-accredited knowledge-sharing and training platform hosted at the exhibition. This edition also features a special area — Project Eyewear — dedicated to showcasing upcoming eyewear designers. Visitors seeking ‘something different’ will find this segment especially captivating. And, of course, the two awards that remain a focal point – the VP Awards (Arabia) celebrate excellence in the eyewear business across the MENA region while the ‘YOU&EYE’ Global Opticians Awards celebrate the dedication and diligent efforts of opticians worldwide. VisionPlus EXPO 2024 is not merely an event; it’s a global congregation of optical enthusiasts, uniting the industry for a common cause.

In the heart of Dubai, VisionPlus EXPO 2024 stands ready to redefine the optical industry’s future. Mark your calendars for 08-09-10 October 2024, and be prepared to witness the spectacle that promises to be bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before. Come, join us in Dubai and power the optical revolution.

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