Decorate your walls and corners with Tarsam’s unique pieces

TarsamDubai, United Arab Emirates: Tarsam image, a specialty retailer that is recognized nationally and internationally that always offers a wide selection of innovative products, merchandise and interior décor, introduces its newest collection of vintage-inspired interior décor. Tarsam image gets the latest and most innovative products from all over the world accompanied by value added service that is delivered by a professional team. Tarsam image presents its new interior accessories that are vintage yet give a unique touch to any home. These designs are a collector’s edition and for people who love retro pieces, this is definitely treasure. This collection is a blend of both antique yet elegant designs that add a beautiful touch to any house.

Rotary Dial Telephone

This rotary dial telephone is vintage yet so chic that will look classic on the mantel. It gives a 19th century touch to any house that wants to blend both modern as well as antique pieces.
Price: AED 249

Sewing machine clock

This beautiful sewing machine clock is a masterpiece alongside being a collector’s item. The grey with gold detailing provides an elegant touch no matter where the clock is placed.
Price: AED 149

Retro Radio clock

This retro radio clock is a true vintage piece and definitely a unique mix of both a radio and clock in one. This piece looks like something that was meant to be in a study room.
Price: AED 99

 LED Wax Lantern

This LED wax lantern is classic lantern with a twist, it is LED incorporated. That’s what makes this lantern so unique because it looks like the wax is really burning when actually it’s LED.
Price: AED 69

Kemai FM radio

This Kemai FM radio is purely vintage and is a treasure for any collector. It is truly a reminder of the olden days and is a classic piece for the living room.
Price: AED 169

Wooden Round Wall clock

This wooden round wall clock is a lovely addition to a Paris enthusiast or just anyone in particular. The faint wood effect gives a lovely touch to any girl’s room.
Price: AED 39

LED Candle 4 Set

This 4 set LED candle lights up any area of the house that needs a little bit of extra show. The LED light provides a subtle glow whether it’s day or night.
Price: AED 69

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