Danat Al Emarat Hospital in Abu Dhabi sheds light on kids’ safety


In line with Department of Health Abu Dhabi directives

Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children, part of United Eastern Medical Services (UEMedical), launched yesterday a kids’ safety awareness campaign to spread awareness about the importance of kids’ safety in different ages.

The campaign, which is part of a comprehensive awareness campaign launched by the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, focused on prevention of choking, prevention of sudden infant death, falls prevention, the importance of using children car seats and the importance of kids’ safety inside the house by ensuring the safety of toys and furniture to protect them from any possible risks.

Dr. Omniyat Al Hajri Director, Public Health Division from the Department of Health Abu Dhabi said, “The campaign, which was launched by Department of Health Abu Dhabi recently, received great response from the community, doctors, nurses and others. We invited healthcare providers to discuss ways to raise awareness about kids’ safety. And here we are with Danat Al Emarat Hospital organizing a kids’ safety awareness day targeted towards patients, families and the whole community. During the day, we distributed informative leaflets and trained parents on the different approaches of protecting children and prioritizing their safety.”


Mariano Gonzalez, CEO of Danat Al Emarat Hospital for Women & Children said, “Our medical and nursing team at the hospital organized this long-term initiative following the directives of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi. This comes in line with our mission as a women and children hospital to educate, train and raise awareness of parents on children’s safety and keeping them health. The event included five educational platforms on children car seat usage, choking prevention and more.”

“Children spend most of their time at the house, dealing with various objects such as toys, furniture and other small objects, which requires a careful selection of materials, objects and tools that meet the safety and security requirements. Parents should make sure small objects, detergents and medicines are kept far away from kids’ reach,” Mr. Gonzalez added.

Dr. Iviano Ossuetta, Head of Neonatology and Chair of Children’s Services at Danat Al Emarat Hospital pointed out that sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a term used to describe the unexpected death( usually during sleep) of an infant between birth and 1 year of age, for which no explanation can be found despite a thorough investigation.

A few years ago, a study was conducted in the UAE by the Department of Pediatrics at the United Arab Emirates University on child care habits. The study which included 996 families found out that the death rate caused by SIDS was 0.66 in 1000 births. SIDS can be avoided by raising awareness and knowing the danger factors that might lead to sudden infant death. The study also showed that boys are more affected than girls. Other studies also reveal that mothers who smoke while pregnant or during breastfeeding increase the chances of SIDS.

Dr. Ossuetta also explained that it is important to follow safe sleeping measures and tips which reduce the chances of SIDS, such as putting the babies to sleep on their backs on appropriate mattresses and in the feet to foot of bed position. Blankets should be tucked in and never more than the level of babys’ shoulder.

With regards to car safety “It is very important to use child car seats” Dr. Ossuetta said, “We aim to encourage and raise awareness about child safety while driving.”

Dr. Ossuetta also spoke about another very important child car safety issue related to accidents caused to children by their parents’ cars. “Parents should ensure that children are either inside the car or inside the house, before moving their car” Dr. Ossuetta concluded.


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