Dabur International introduces ‘sensitive’ variant of popular Dabur Herb’l Toothpaste range in Middle East

DHTP Sensitive packDubai, UAE, July 15, 2015 – Dabur International, one of the most trusted and recognized personal and healthcare companies in the world, has announced the launch of the Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste in the Middle East. The new ‘sensitive’ variant is fortified with natural ingredients such as cinnamon, mint and licorice root along with potassium ions to provide instant and long-lasting relief from tooth sensitivity. Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste is highly effective in fighting the seven signs of sensitive teeth from the first use by acting as a de-sensitizing agent.

Sensitivity of teeth is a condition that involves short, sharp pain upon consumption of hot or cold food and beverages. It is caused primarily by the de-mineralization of teeth because of frequent intake of acidic foods and regular use of fluoride toothpaste. De-mineralization weakens the enamel and gums and exposes the tooth’s nerve, resulting in sensation in the nerves when tooth comes in contact with any food or beverage that is hot, cold or sweet. Serious sensitivity can be accompanied with acute pain and bleeding of gums.

Recommended by experts, Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste is a breakthrough formula that does not contain any harmful chemicals or fluoride but instead solves the problem of dental hypersensitivity is a natural way. It penetrates deep within the tooth by soothing and helps in blocking the nerve from transmitting pain signals by reducing the exposure to food particles. Brushing twice a day with Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste not only provides instant relief from sensitivity, but also strengthens and smoothens gums and prevents the formation of plaque, gum inflammation, and tooth decay, ensuring fresh breath all day long.

Abhinav Kumar, Group Product Manager, Dabur International, said: “A study has revealed that tooth sensitivity has emerged as a common oral problem in the Middle East. However, many people are not aware that it is a dental problem and therefore do not undertake measure to treat it. Realising the need for a highly effective ‘sensitive’ toothpaste that can provide relief from the first use, Dabur International has introduced Dabur Herb’l Sensitive Toothpaste in the Middle East. Its natural formula is proven to provide sensitivity protection from the first use by acting against de-mineralization. Moreover, it blocks exposed nerves by strengthening gums and is a complete oral care solution recommended for everyday use.”

Dabur International is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dabur India that has an overall turnover of over USD 1.3 billion and a market capitalization of USD 8.3 billion. Dabur’s International Business Division headquartered in Dubai is the cornerstone of its growth strategy, reaching a milestone of AED 1 billion within only eight years of existence.

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