Understanding that the male and female body work in very different ways and therefore require a diverse and varied approach to one another is what lead D5 to creating their renowned Lean Legs program for females.

The D5 Lean Legs program was created following the overwhelming desire from clients, specifically females, to target the lower body from a fat loss perspective.

This stubborn fat, as it is so commonly referred to, is stubborn for a number of reasons. The main problem however, lies in the mismanagement of estrogen metabolism. Lean Legs programming addresses the route cause and tackles the issue effectively with this ground-breaking, science-based program.

“Understanding why your body is storing fat in your legs is the key to changing your body shape for good. Everything happens for a reason within the body and applying a scientific approach along with exercise, nutrition and supplementation is how we have found the key to success.” – James Heagney, Founder & Head Coach of D5 Executive Gym.

D5’s Founder and Head Coach James Heagney invested an enormous amount of time and trial based work into building the program over a lengthy period to ensure it became Dubai’s most comprehensive approach to Female Fat Loss with no stone left unturned.

“Female Fat loss can be seen as navigating a maze with a blindfold. We remove the blind fold and give you a map to get out. When you have the answers to your health problems, all that’s left is for you to take action” – Said Heagney.

The program is taught on a one on one basis to ensure each individual client receives optimal attention and a tailor made experience, in turn providing powerful and long lasting results.

For more information, please visit https://www.d5dubai.com

Building 3 I Gate Village I DIFC I Dubai I UAE

+971 4 3607640

Instagram: @d5gymnasium

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