Cutting Edge Laser Surgery Technology Comes to Dubai

surgery-708507Dubai’s aesthetic surgery scene is set for a makeover with the imminent arrival of the country’s first plastic surgeon specializing in laser surgery technology.

Until now, only traditional plastic surgery techniques have been used in the UAE, but recent advances in technology have revolutionized the industry around the world.

Dr Kasem Abu Bakr specializes in the aesthetic use of laser surgery technology and has worked with an international group of laser experts to develop aesthetic laser techniques and applications few people in the world have access to.

“Lasers have long been used in medical applications, especially for optical surgery, but the technology is new to Dubai when it comes to aesthetic surgery,” said Dr Kasem. “It’s an amazing technology that has had a hugely positive impact on patients. It is more precise than classic surgery and therefore reduces damage and inflammation to the tissue as it seals the cut and stops the bleeding immediately. As a result of this, the time required for the patient to heal is dramatically reduced, along with the after-pain that is associated with aesthetic surgery.”

Lasers in surgery have functions such as a scalpel, for sealing small blood vessels in the process of dividing tissues, coagulation and excisions of masses and tumours. While long been used in general surgery practices, Dr Kasem is one of only few aesthetic surgeons in the world using these techniques and the first to bring the aesthetic application of laser surgery to the Middle East.

While almost every medical surgery which requires the removal of tissue or for a cut to be made can be done with a laser, the results of surgery using lasers have proven to be better than using a surgical knife. The advantages of laser surgery include less postoperative pain for the patient because the laser seals the nerve-ends as it cuts, and built in sterilisation because there is no contact with surgical instruments. Also, the laser can be used as a more precise cutting tool than a knife because it can be controlled by computer and operate within a very small area of effect under a microscope.

Bringing the technology to Dubai as part of Dr Kasem’s regional hub for cosmetic surgery, he will dedicate his expertise and experience to a discerning clientele of locals and residents, as well as patients who travel from around the world to receive his expert care and guidance.

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