CTrustGlobal: Dominica Citizenship Gains Popularity Among Middle Eastern Nationals for Second Passport

Dominica PM Roosevelt Skerrit in Dominica Citizenship Conference held by CTrustGlobal (PRNewsfoto/Caribbean Trust Immigration)
Dominica PM Roosevelt Skerrit in Dominica Citizenship Conference held by CTrustGlobal (PRNewsfoto/Caribbean Trust Immigration)

DUBAI, UAE, January 24, 2018 : Middle Eastern nationals are increasingly showing interest in the Second Citizenship Program offered by the Government of Dominica, according to the company data of CTrustGlobal. The rise in demand of the Dominica Citizenship took a plunge after the revisions in the amendment in Dominica CIB Act. The revisions proved rather beneficial for the CIB unit of the country as the global demand for the program has risen dramatically.

The rise in Dominica’s Citizenship popularity owes to many other factors as well. The current political climate has rendered some Middle East countries categorically unstable. This is why many wealthy business persons specially from the middle eastern countries like IraqIranSyriaLebanon, Saudi etc. are applying for a new citizenship to insure safe business and family’s future. Visa restrictions have also paved way for most nationals to seek a new home elsewhere without emigrating from their home country.

Minimum tax regulations, dished out by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment module, are but compatible for middle eastern nationals. While most countries in EU and America levy taxes on sales and income, and hence Dominica rules the competition!

The spokesperson from CTrustGlobal, the leading agency providing Second Citizenship in the Middle East, points out that Dominica Citizenship is the current best-seller among all products and services available at CTrustGlobal. He also informed us that Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit has garnered a highest number of inquiries (69% approximately) and a huge increase in applications from across globe for a second passport. CTrustGlobal has noted about 37% rise in its clients from Middle eastern national, a similar figure from the Asian subcontinent and the rest of the clients belong to other places in the world.

Secure Future with A Second Passport

A quick second passport provision under the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Legislation is best for both the immigrant applicants and Dominica Government. Dominica’s CIP is clear, transparent and is propelled with top level of due diligence. The country also enjoys a high reputation for scandal free and fraud proof, legally authorized citizenship provision since the program started in 1993. Dominica is a politically stable country but also makes its citizens a part of the Caribbean Community called CARICOM.

Saudi, Syrians, Qatari, Iran, Lebanese, and Iraqi nationals and many other Middle Eastern wealthy individuals are fast looking for a second passport as an insurance policy. Seizing the opportunity, Dominica has not only decreased its eligibility criteria, but also finalizes the applications within a quick time frame (3 months = 90 days, approximately) and is cost effective. Moreover, Dominica Citizenship can pass onto the applicant’s future family as well.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment plan has some more benefits for the high net worth individuals from Saudi Arab, IraqIran and SyriaJordanLebanonYemenTurkey and other middle eastern nations.

Why Dominica Should be a Choice for a Second Home?

Down below is a lengthy list of Benefits and Advantages which a Dual Passport from Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program entails. Read on.

  • Dominica is peaceful tropical country with tranquil environment, ensuring good quality of life for its citizens.
  • Dominica offers its citizenship at a cheaper price, i.e. starting from USD 100,000. There is no other country which offer citizenship at lower cost, but with fewer passport benefits.
  • The program offers fastest process time.
  • A lifetime citizenship that can pass on to applicants’ future family members of eligible age limit.
  • Holding dual citizenship is permitted with no residency requirements either before or after the grant.
  • Visa on arrival or visa-free travel to more than 100 countries, including BritainSingaporeGermanyHong Kong, and many more.
  • No tax regulations on foreign based income, wealth, capital earnings, gifts inheritance, etc.
  • Easy acquiring of work, education or residence permit in Dominica after the grant of citizenship.
  • No language requirement. English is the official language of the country.
  • The Dominica authority keeps applicants’ identity confidential and does not notify the home country of the applicant.
  • Dominica citizens also have the advantage to obtain a residence permit in many other places in the world and other Caribbean island nations and do business with allied countries.

A second Dominica Passport opens up greater economic and educational opportunities and a cultural, religious and professional freedom one’s current country of residence may not.

Best Option for Dual Passport for Middle East Nationals

The spokesperson from CTrustGlobal concluded that the agency has witnessed a steady rise in demand for migration applications for Dominica Passport over last decade from the global market, middle east is no different. Dominica Citizenship by Investment is currently the most sought after program leaving behind many countries including the US.

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