‘Cosmetic surgery for couples’ trend getting popular in Arab world

Dr Abi AbboudBeirut, Lebanon, 16 July 2015: A bold new concept in the plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancement industry in the Arab world is set to be launched in Beirut, a city that puts strong value on looks and beauty. Offered by the renowned plastic surgeon, Dr Antoine Abi Abboud, this new concept is cosmetic surgery for couples.

Dr. Abi Abboud says: “There is a growing global trend of couples undergoing cosmetic surgery together in an effort to achieve a desired effect from a beauty point of view, where their looks will complement each other. We want offer these facilities to couples in the Arab world as part of the offering at our medical centres in Beirut. Our goal is to meet the needs of a section of couple who want to achieve the “beauty match” through advanced plastic surgery procedures for which we are renowned for.”

“Many are spurred on to go under the knife to satisfy their aspiration of imitating the lifestyles of famous couples around the world,” says Dr. Abi Abboud who is the Head of Department of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at Mount Lebanon Hospital and Founder of Dr Antoine Abi Abboud Clinic. “This practice is picking up momentum around the globe, on the lines of earlier trends like ‘Spa for Couples’ or husbands joining their wives during delivery. We wanted to be the first to offer the modern-day cosmetic surgery for couples in the Middle East region.”

“We are fully equipped to provide our patients high quality services in a safe environment, driven by ethical and professional standards. Currently, a large number of couples undergo individual face or body lifts, but the results might sometimes be satisfying to the person himself but not his partner. We think more people will start considering this trend in today’s looks-conscious society,” added Abi Abboud.

From face lifts to eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty (nose job) to facial implants, Dr. Antoine Abi Abboud offers a full line of procedures for couples. The clinic also performs body lift procedures, including upper, mid, lower and total surgery. This includes lower-body-lift surgery for tightening and sculpting the buttocks, back of the thighs, outer thighs, inner thighs, hips and abdomen.

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