Corporate giants taking employee wellness seriously in the UAE

Eternity Medicine Institute Dubai, a company at the forefront of preventative health in the region confirms today that the number of UAE corporates taking on employee healthcare programmes is on the increase. With some of the region’s most well recognized blue chip organizations now offering advanced screening and wellness programs for its employees, could this herald a new frontier in employee engagement and CSR?

According to Eternity Medicine Institute Dubai, “The best asset that employers have on the balance sheet today is their employees. When you have healthy, productive and happy employees, you have a healthy balance sheet.  Companies out there offering old fashioned employer-sponsored wellness programs that are outdated and meaningless, no longer serve employers or benefit the employees it was originally designed for. The region is suffering critical health challenges, and companies need to be the main driver for promoting health.” Said Markus Giebel Eternity Medicine CEO.

The true value to employers in taking on employee health programs, is that they’re an incredibly effective way to increase productivity, employee engagement and loyalty.  It also vastly improves a company’s effectiveness in recruiting, hiring and is a strong talent retention tool.  Furthermore, in the long term it also facilitates a decrease in insurance costs which could be seen as the real tangible value to employers, especially since the move to mandate comprehensive insurance to all employees. Companies are starting to weight up the impact of poor employee’s health with the implications of this against the health of their profit and loss statement.” said Giebel.

Eternity believes the answer lies in preventative health. Comprehensive wellness programmes are an extremely popular benefit.  Eternity is challenging the current healthcare model by turning it upside down.  To really get healthcare costs down, what’s needed is an integrated health management solution that links employees’ health data with available benefits to better coordinate prevention and care. We work with blue chip corporates in the UAE who are taking the subject of employee health seriously.  It’s a complete paradigm shift. Our medical teams offer personalized programs that have extremely high engagement with impacting results” said Giebel.

Eternity is tailoring corporate wellness solutions for all kinds of companies. “Corporates in the region need to offer more robust programmes with total buy in from senior stakeholders. CEO’s and CFO’s who normally focus on the bottom line profitability should now be very firmly focussed on the P&L of their company’s overall health.  These programs should be available to everyone, not just the top tier executives.  Let’s give employees quality healthcare that really addresses the issues” said Giebel.

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