Choose your cooking oils wisely!

What causes heart diseases? There are several reasons for heart diseases and some of these include genetic factors or an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. Heart diseases are caused by Atherosclerosis – fat deposits in the arteries, which could be largely due to unhealthy diet regimen, lack of exercise, being overweight and smoking habits.

In layman’s terms, the condition is caused when fat is deposited into the arteries and stiffen the walls, blocking the flow of blood to other organs.

So, how does one prevent this condition?

The common belief is to avoid oils or fats! However, it is also a fact that dietary fats from oils are essential for many body processes. The trick is to replace saturated or trans-fat from deep fried foods, chips, frozen or canned foods with foods that contain polysaturated fat such as corn oil or mono-saturated fats found in nuts, olive oil and avocado.

How do we know which oils are heart-healthy and which aren’t? How to choose the right cooking oil for the family?

To make your life easier, Mazola has a variety of products that are 100% naturally cholesterol-free and are an excellent source of unsaturated fats. Mazola oils contain vitamin E, an anti-oxidant that helps to reduce the risks of heart disease. Vitamin-E also prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol or “bad” cholesterol that plays a role in Atherosclerosis.

Clinical studies indicate that all oils contain “plant sterols” that helps in absorption of cholesterol in the gut, which in turn lowers the LDL cholesterol.

Thus studies say that a little oil goes a long way towards a healthy heart! Corn oil is an excellent healthy choice for the heart when taken within limits. Corn oil or maize oil contains the highest amount of naturally occurring plant sterols per serving compared to any other cooking oil. It has four times as much plant sterols as olive oil, three times as much as the vegetable [soyabean] oil and 40 per cent more than canola oil.

Using corn oil in cooking is an easy and tasty way to get plant sterols and is an effective component in lowering cholesterol levels as they contain a high amount of polysaturated fats. Another important factor to consider while using oils is the smoking point of the oil. If oil is heated until it smokes (Smoking point), the valuable nutrients are damaged. The bottom line is that use the right oil at right temperatures.

Mazola’s natural corn oils are the best option for medium heat/ high-temperature cooking. Corn oil has high smoke point 400-450 degree F, making it excellent for any method of cooking, right from sautéing to deep-frying.

Chef Hatun Madani, renowned entrepreneur and brand ambassador of Mazola, said: “When it comes to cooking oil, no one compromises on quality as yours and the loved one’s health is at stake. Mazola has carved a niche with its quality products, and the company’s range of corn oil takes its health-benefit quotient to a completely new level.”

Today the smart way to keep your heart healthy is to choose smart fats instead of trans-fats. “Smart fats” or healthy fats have amazing properties including the ability to balance hormones for increased energy and appetite control. These type of fats are also anti-inflammatory as they prevent illnesses.

Mazola oils are your best choice of oils for a healthier lifestyle. Prepare your heart-healthy dishes with unsaturated fats such as Mazola cooking oil to help reduce your risk of heart disease without losing the great taste. In conclusion, remember that healthy living is a long-term commitment. Healthy food choices with regular physical activity help control blood pressure, weight and make the heart stronger.

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