Celebrate water with Aquaplus

Celebrate water with Aquaplus

Aquaplus brings you a whole new experience in water!

Drinking water is such a routine part of your daily activity that you probably don’t give it a second thought. You know how important water is, how you should all drink plenty of fluids and how the secret to beautiful skin and hair is just plain and simple water. But did you know that all water is not the same? In a more health conscious world, did you know that the everyday water you drink could actually hydrate and detoxify you better? This is exactly what Aquaplus Energized Fresh Water does.

Aquaplus is a new and premium introduction into the water market; an alkaline water that offers real health benefits in the form of better hydration, improved detoxification and increased metabolism. Aquaplus uses an innovative water technology which imparts beneficial alkaline properties to the water…this makes minerals and nutrients much easier for your body to absorb leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.
The concept of alkaline water has made a huge headway in evolved markets such as USA, Korea and Japan… However, the world is just beginning to understand the merits of an alkaline lifestyle and achieving a balanced body pH. Many nutritionists recommend that eating more alkaline foods can lead to better overall health, and Aquaplus water brings you some of those merits with its energized, healthy and hydrating alkaline water.

And it’s not just with the water that Aquaplus takes health and innovation a few steps further. Aquaplus water comes in a pale lilac bottle instead of the regular blue, so that you can differentiate it as the only 5 gallon bottle in the UAE that is a superior quality BPA free bottle. With water bottles being constantly exposed to heat and sun, the concern on BPA or Bisphenol A (a harmful industrial chemical that is found in regular Polycarbonate bottles) is gaining recognition as involved and aware societies have started taking health and safety seriously. Each Aquaplus bottle undergoes rigorous quality control processes that ensure fresh, delicious water at every sip. These processes are stringent ones, much the same that go into making of premium baby bottles.

To maintain the purity, a comprehensive, multi-level cleaning and sanitizing process is employed at the Aquaplus plant that involves carefully controlled and continuously monitored disinfection processes in hygienically designed lines.

So whether it’s the contents, packaging or quality, Aquaplus seems to have taken things to a new level in the water market with a huge emphasis on health and safety. Bringing to Dubai for the first time innovative concepts like alkaline water and BPA free bottles that have attracted a lot of attention in health conscious markets! More information is available on Aquaplus at 800 WATER (92837)

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