Bourn Hall Clinic Conducts Continuing Medical Education on Reproductive Immunology to Understand the causes of Frequent Miscarriage

Medical Education on Reproductive ImmunologyDubai (10th Nov 2015) UAE: In line with the vision of providing advanced fertility solutions to couples in the UAE and implementing new technologies and advanced research methodologies, Bourn Hall Clinic Dubai successfully concluded their CME, on Monday, 9th November 2015 to present a comprehensive overview of Reproductive Immunology.

Twenty top gynecologists from across the region along with obstetricians, urologists, fertility specialists, embryologists, lab personnel, nurses and trainees attended the CME. They received accredited CME points for attending.

Dr. David Robertson, Group Medical Director (BHI) opened the interactive panel, followed by an insightful presentation by Dr. Dimitrios Kafetzis, Specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Bourn Hall Clinic. The presentation focused on how the immune system affects pregnancy, namely how it can be the cause behind recurrent pregnancy loss or recurrent implantation failure after IVF. Guests were taken through the history and theory of reproductive immunology and explained the role of antibodies leading to miscarriages.

Spontaneous pregnancy loss is a surprisingly common occurrence, with approximately 15% of all clinically recognized pregnancies resulting in pregnancy failure. Recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) has been inconsistently defined. Thus, the presentation highlighted the current understanding of various aetiologies implicated in RPL; including factors known to be causative, as well as those implicated as possible causative agents. The appropriate diagnostic evaluation, therapy, and prognosis were also addressed in the seminar. An interactive Question –Answer session with the panel concluded the seminar.

Mr. Sudhir Bahl, Managing Director, Bourn Hall International, expressed his delight on the successful completion of the CME and thanked all the participants, “We at Bourn Hall have always taken pride in sharing knowledge with our Physician Partners in every region we are present. Our team of IVF doctors with a number of years of expertise in UAE conducted this CME to share the clinical outcomes from Bourn Hall Dubai Clinic. This helps both in terms of more education to proficient physicians and also serving as a conduit for medical progress and innovation”

The CME was not only a valuable avenue for networking among fertility experts and gynecologists across the UAE but was also a platform for creating awareness and implementing knowledge about new and developing areas of their field of study across the globe.

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