Bioscience Brings ONLYOURS Customised Stem Cell Skincare to Dubai: Cosmeceuticals Comprised of Your Very Own Cells

Dubai, January 2016 – Bioscience Clinic Dubai is introducing its ONLYOURS customised stem cell skincare range to Dubai. Using the revolutionary Adipose Derived Stem Cell Technology (ADC), Bioscience Clinic is creating a personalised cosmeceutical line for patients while culturing their very own cells.

The ONLYOURS skincare range contains a mixture of growth factors and cytokines.  These are extracted from the patient’s very own adipose derived stem cells (ADC).  Once harvested, the cells are frozen and can be used for a variety of aesthetic and medical treatments, and in addition can be used to create a customised ONLYOURS skincare range for the patient.   Clinical studies have shown an increase in collagen and epidermal density by 30% on average in each patient with photo- damaged skin, and a reduction in fine lines of 21% on average according to physician-rated wrinkle scores within a matter of weeks.

Each individual’s Adipose Derived Stem Cells secrete a personalized blend of cytokines, growth factors and matrix proteins, which are cultured by Bioscience Clinic to create the ONLYOURS skincare line. The unique ONLYOURS products are specially tailored for patients’ skin type by adding their own unique mix of growth factors and matrix proteins which help boost collagen and elastin.

ONLYOURS helps strengthen the skin’s extracellular matrix and effectively repairs the visible signs of aging. These include fine lines and wrinkles, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and protection from harmful oxidative environmental stress.

The ONLYOURS range comprises:

  • Wrinkle Remedy 24 Hours Cream – Collagen
  • Wrinkle Remedy SERUM – Hyaluronic Acid
  • Wrinkle Remedy NIGHT concentrate (Autologous Growth Factor vaccine with Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid

Giuseppe Mucci, founder and owner of Bioscience Clinic, said: “The introduction of a customised skincare range using a patient’s very own growth factors from adipose derived stem cells is a game changer in the cosmeceutical market.  There is simply nothing else that compares in terms of effectiveness.  Why buy a generic, mass market product, when you can buy a product specifically tailored for you, engineered from your very own organic tissues so it’s guaranteed to work perfectly on your skin? The clinical results for anti-ageing are compelling.”

Other aesthetic treatments offered at Bioscience Clinic using the patient’s very own adipose derived stem cells (ADC) include facial fillers and skin rejuvenation, hair loss treatment, and natural body shaping, such as breast and buttock augmentation.

Bioscience Clinic Middle East Laboratories is licensed and inspected by the Ministry of Health of UAE and Dubai Health Care City, with over eight years’ development and experience the Dubai Clinic welcomes patients to experience a new world of exclusive anti-ageing and plastic surgery therapies.

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