Bayer Gulf holds first clinical research workshop in collaboration with the DHA


Bayer, a leading life sciences company, recently announced its collaboration with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) by conducting the first of many research methodology workshops for young clinical researchers in Dubai.

As clinical research is the most vital component in the development of new therapies, knowledge of disease mechanisms and optimal management of patients, it is key to ensure researchers understand fundamental aspects and are equipped with the correct knowledge to develop standardised protocols for studies.

In line with the Dubai government’s vision to be a regional hub for innovation, the DHA is looking to building capabilities in medical research and strengthen expertise originating from within the country. Notably, this programme was the first to build such key skill in collaboration with the industry.

Over 80 young researcher and their mentors were invited to the DHA premises to receive official training on research methodology, interpreting statistics, clinical research frameworks and publication policies. Researchers were chosen to attend based on their potential in impacting the field of medicine and advancing the future of healthcare. The workshops, held on the 1st and 2nd May 2019, were held with the strategic scope and vision of accelerating Bayer’s partnership with the health authorities.

Bayer is strongly dedicated to partnering with regional health authorities to introduce educational programs and medical initiatives to benefit the patients and support their mission of “science for a better life”. The company had identified the need to support the implementation of education, guidelines and training for clinical researchers, healthcare providers and advocacy groups in the region, hence initiated targeted dialogs with authoritative stakeholders at a local level.

Attendees highlighted that the workshop gave them deep insight into the implications of their clinical research and emphasised the importance of aligning on clinical trial infrastructure to ensure results are standardised and replicable to be of significance.

Hany Gamil Head of Medical Affairs Middle East commented “We are highly committed to supporting our local scientific research community to further advance the future of healthcare. By supporting our young researchers, we are effectively helping better understand disease mechanisms, and ensuring therapeutic options are available for patients.”

Nivine Borg, Head of Medical Affairs – Gulf also said, “These workshops aim to create effective, open channels between Bayer’s leadership and clinical researchers to provide a practical platform for enriching discussions that lead to innovative ideas and promote development in medical services, trainings and education, to ultimately achieve patients’ benefits. We believe that this will be the start of a continuous, fruitful collaboration with Health Authorities in the UAE that will be beneficial for raising awareness around the importance of clinical research.”

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