Ask for Life launches in the middle east

LifestyleDubai, February 16th 2016 – If w e stop and take a minute to refl ect on the thoughts that consume our mind on a daily basis, we w ould realize that they’re quite common amongst most of us. In a fast paced city like Dubai, which nurtures a speedy yet progressive lifestyle, it’s only natural to get overwhelmed by everything that is happening, and changing, around us. It woul d sur ely help if we could step outside the body and perhaps watch ourselves in order to recognize our strengths and weaknesses.

Soon enough, Ask For Life, will be able to do that for you. An initiative that seeks to share its holistic way of thi nking and approach, Ask F or Life offers a complete soluti on for your mind, body and soul. Br ought to Dubai by certifi ed life coach, Maj a Ask from Sweden, Ask For Life, has the primary aim of hel ping peopl e achieve health, happiness and success through a series of workshops and courses targeted at healing the mind, body, and soul.

From Wednesday February 24th to Frid ay F ebruary 26th, you will have the chance to experience a part of this initiative with their speci al Yoga, Pilates and Personal trai ning sessions that will take place at Eden Beach Club. Located at T he Rixos Hotel on T he Palm Jumeirah, the Oasis-like beach club, is partnering with Ask For Life to make an initial introduction to the new wellness program.

The sessions, that will help kick start your day, will begin at 9am as follows:

Wednesday 24th: Yoga

Thursday 25th: Bootcamp

Friday 26th: Pilates

Saturday 27th: First session open to the public

“Ask For Life is not just for those who are suffering, or depressed, it is rather a holistic lifestyle system that enables peopl e to better their lives. It is all about fi nding the balance betw een being happy and healthy, looki ng good and fi nding success at work. One of our biggest objectives is making sure that the physical body becom es a r eflecti on of the mind. This is why we have developed Ask for Life, to be a holistic approach, you get a full team of experts working with you during your customized pr ogram to reach your goals, whether it is weight l oss, anti agi ng, stress relief or you business .” says Maja Ask, Life C oach and Founder of Ask For Life.

Our own team of European and Am erican experts, doctors and coaches are each ambassadors of their relevant domains, reinforcing just how successful Ask For Life is at asking the right questions. What nutrition must our body intake? How do we fix our posture and strengthen our core muscl es? What ar e our health goals? What vitamins and minerals should we be taking? H ow can we find time for relaxation and to re-charge our batteries?

Their attention even spills over into our sense of style, which is strongly correlated to the way we perceive ourselves. Last but not least, the initiative aims to contribute their expertise to busi ness organizations as well, offering self-management and leadership services amongst others. Most people spend the largest part of their day at work either leading, or following. It is only so natural to apply holistic teachings to this environment as well.

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