Asatex™ Launches First Externally Applied Melatonin Shampoo

Discover why Asatex™ packs a triple punch in the fight against hair loss and thinning hair with Asatex™ Strengthening Shampoo. Especially when hair loss and hair thinning is caused by a stressful lifestyle, poor quality water or a polluted environment, all common in the GCC, Asatex™ Strengthening Shampoo comes to the rescue.


* Anti-Aging Secret

Asatex™ combines three potent ingredients designed to supercharge the hair follicle whilst slowing down the rate of hair loss:

  • Biotin – an essential micronutrient for normal cellular function, growth and development
  • Ginko biloba – a free radical scavenging antioxidant
  • Melatonin –  a protective and antioxidant effect agent supported by Ginko biloba extract

* Strength In Numbers

Asatex™ Strengthening Shampoo is formulated with tensioactive agents, which allow for daily cleansing of the hair, while restructuring agents nourish the hair root and support the hair follicle. As a result, hair regains radiant health, maximum volume and a supple sheen.

* Results Are In

When all three ingredients work in synergy, the results speak for themselves. In a recent study involving more than 200 male and female participants, hair re-growth was observed in 23% of this group.

Asatex™ currently has 2 products available in the range: a shampoo priced at AED 70 and Serum priced at AED 380.

Products are available from leading pharmacies in the UAE, Kuwait and Qatar.  The range is also available in KSA under the brand name of Hairdal Liquid Formula and Shampoo.

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