Global Executive Education Shares the Knowledge and Experience That Consistently Places Cleveland Clinic in the Top Ranks of U.S. Hospitals

Thursday, Jan.25th, 2017Middle East healthcare managers are learning the ingredients of operational success from one of the United States’ top-rated hospitals, as part of an innovative international leadership training program.

Cleveland Clinic’s Global Executive Education courses are designed to provide a bridge between business and medicine, with hands-on training delivered by visionary leaders working on the frontlines of modern medicine.

With courses ranging from a few days to an entire year, the initiative is giving managers from all aspects of healthcare operations new ways of thinking and working, and helping raise standards when they return home.

“Today’s healthcare organizations need great leaders to navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape,” said Aura Lopez, Cleveland Clinic’s Senior Director of Global Executive Education, visiting Dubai for the Arab Health Exhibition and Congress.

“Cleveland Clinic’s executive education programs equip physicians, nurses, administrators, and healthcare leaders with the skills and training they need to become more effective in their roles.”

All training takes place at Cleveland Clinic’s main campus in Ohio, rated as the No. 2 hospital in the United States by U.S. News & World Report, and known for a set of operational principles referred to internally as the ‘Cleveland Clinic Way’.

The flagship course is the International Emerging Leader Fellowship, which lasts from one to two months, and prepares promising leaders for the upper echelons of management. All candidates are nominated and sponsored by their organization, and selected based on their managerial and supervisory experience, ability to effect strategic change, and decision-making authority.

They come from diverse backgrounds. Some work for elite private institutions, others in hectic government hospitals, but they all share a desire to change healthcare in their homelands for the better.

“At Cleveland Clinic we see leadership development as an urgent need in healthcare institutions, and our executive education programs strive to share the best practices that consistently earn us rankings as a world leader in healthcare,” said Aura Lopez. “Whatever your specialty area, careers in healthcare come with challenges that no MBA can prepare you for.”

Hands-on Experience for Arab Healthcare Managers

Programs have a particular focus on raising operational benchmarks, improving the non-clinical functions that are essential to the smooth delivery of patient care.

Nawarh Mohammed Faran is an adult clinical supervisor for critical care at King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. She completed an Emerging Leadership Fellowship Program in 2015, alongside eight of her colleagues.

“It really was very different, and not like any course you could go to a classroom for,” Faran said. “We were submerged into the culture of Cleveland Clinic. I was exposed to many people from different departments and who were operating at different levels, and there was always something to learn.”

Faran says watching the way Cleveland Clinic instils its core values into everyday procedures was inspirational, and it opened her mind to new ways of working. She particularly learned a great deal about continuous improvement, and she applies much of that experience every day in her work. She was also impressed by Cleveland Clinic’s practical approach to knowledge sharing, both within the hospital and with other organizations.

“The fact that someone actually took time out of their day, scheduled in, to talk to someone and simply ask: ‘What would you do in this situation?’ That part was very enlightening,” Faran said. “That taught me you can feel empowered by asking questions, and not feel vulnerable for asking.”

Abdullah Zaher is the Business Development Manager for MedEx, a Jeddah-based healthcare provider focusing on outpatient services. He undertook a 10-month fellowship in Ohio, and says the practical nature of the content was ideal for his needs, balancing technical and leadership training and advice.

“The experience you get is very hands-on. Cleveland Clinic is very, very efficient and the ability to customize the itinerary to suit your needs gives you the flexibility to focus on what’s really relevant to your specific situation,” he said.

“The level of detail enabled me to learn in-depth, and I needed that to be able to apply it back. Since moving back to Saudi Arabia 18 months ago, the skills I learned have been very much applicable. The leadership track helps you a lot with people management and will help you achieve your targets.”

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