Appetite for new cuisines transforming Dubai’s restaurant scene.

Kabab Erbil offers Authentic Iraqi Food

kabab erbil UAE is the ‘second home’ to over two billion people from different geographical regions, languages, and backgrounds. Irrespective of nationality, food is one of the common languages that they speak. The fusion of food and culture is one factor that molds UAE into a culturally diverse nation. Residents in the United Arab Emirates are still retaining a close link to their homeland and traditions. Food plays a significant role in bridging the cultural divides, giving UAE its own unique cultural identity.

Dining out is becoming a favorite activity for many Dubai residents. The rising level of consumer disposable income is one factor contributing to this trend. KPMG survey conducted in 2015  revealed that a vast majority of people (nearly 71%) are willing to try new cuisines and are ordering food for lunch and dinner almost every day of the week. Statistics also reflects that the average spend on eating out per person per meal in the country is Dh120, a decent price to eat in a right place.

In Dubai, diners are embracing new cuisines and always in seek of the next interesting alternative. Restaurants play a significant role in introducing alternative cuisines to the Global clientele in UAE. With its diverse multicultural society, the UAE has developed its own diverse restaurant scene in the Emirate with some rare culinary variations.

Among the multiple culinary options available in Dubai, Iraqi cuisine is one of delectable choice which is gaining popularity not only among Iraqis, but Europeans and many other nationalities are also embracing its appealing flavours.

The Iraqi cuisine has a long history going back some 10,000 years. Iraqi food reflects its rich heritage, social lifestyle and strong family bonding. Hospitality is deeply rooted in the Iraqi culture and traditions. The modern version of the cuisine is enormously rich and varied, with influences from surrounding areas such as Turkey, Iran and Greater Syria.

Iraqi restaurants began as sources of local food for Iraqi expats in Dubai, who are attached to their food and culture, but rapidly gained popularity among other nationals due to its taste and rich flavours. Kabab Erbil is one of the innovative restaurant concepts in Dubai, serving the authentic taste of the Iraqi cuisine in Dubai, thousands of miles away from its origin. The restaurant has
become incredibly popular for its traditional Iraqi dishes and oriental style interiors.

Engineer Mariwan Qaradaghi, the owner of Kabab Erbil Iraqi, said, “We strive to preserve the ethnic culture of Iraq through our food. There is an emerging population of the Iraqi community in UAE. Kabab Erbil serves over 3000 customers per week, from different nationalities. We are delighted to introduce the exotic taste of the cuisine to Dubai, providing customs.”

The Iraqi dishes are distinctly delicious and blended with the aroma of its rich history. “Masgouf,” a flame-roasted river carp dish, is the national dish of Iraq; the preparation of this signature dish takes an hour of roasting the marinated fish, sliced in halves, with the open side facing the fire until all the oil from the slices seeps into the ashes.

Masgouf can be found all over Iraq – from North to South, especially in the regions near the Tigris-Euphrates Basin. Though the famous Ebû Newâs district on the shores of the Tigris River is dedicated to this special dish, it is the Iraqi capital Baghdad where it has gained popularity.

By offering rich and varied Iraqi cuisine, Kabab Erbil Restaurant is encouraging the Iraqi food and culture among UAE residents. The restaurant opened its first branch on Al Muteena Street in 2003, followed by one on Al Rigga Street in 2012 and is going to launch another at Jumeirah Beach Road within the coming month.

About Kabab Erbil:

Kabab Erbil is the first Iraqi cuisine restaurant in Dubai. Founded in 2003 by Mr. Azad Omar, the chain of restaurants got fast recognition. Today, the restaurant is serving over 3,000 customers per week, has become incredibly popular for its authentic Iraqi dishes and the oriental setting decors, which leaves the customer with a unique experience. Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant opened its first branch on Al Muteena Street in 2003, followed by one on Al Rigga Street in 2012. Kabab Erbil Iraqi Restaurant stays true to its country’s rich cuisine. Iraqi Kabab, Quzi and Masgouf are the highlights of the restaurant, followed closely by their lamb dishes, grilled items, and rice.

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