American University in the Emirates to bring the Cryotherapy challenge to Iwona Specialty Clinic


The #CryoChallengeAUE to spread awareness about cryotherapy and it’s increasing health solutions

: American University in the Emirates has partnered up with Iwona Specialty Clinic to bring to students a unique health challenge, #CryoChallengeAUE. The initiative involves spending the longest possible time in the whole-body cryotherapy chamber, exclusively available at Iwona Specialty Clinic, and then asking friends to compete with the timing via social media.

American University in the Emirates, a higher education institution known for providing unique and creative courses aims to bring students closer to the vast benefits of the cryotherapy experience. Instilling a health focused yet fun challenge will motivate the students to not only experience this first hand but also reflect more on the topic of health, stress management and natural forms of healing.

Professor Muthanna, President and CEO of American University in the Emirates expressed the idea behind the challenge. “We are always on the look out to bring the best to our students, especially when it comes to health and well-being, AUE aims to set an example. Our students are the future leaders, innovators of the country, importance of good health is the best knowledge” he said.

Iwona Specialty Clinic, founded by the renowned polish cosmetologist Iwona Pruska, is known for being the only provider of the whole-body cryotherapy experience in the region, envisions to spread word about this miraculous experience that can be solution to many health problems including joint pain and inflammation, skin-ageing, stress management, weight gain, hormonal levels and more. Iwona Pruska expressed her delight on the partnership. “We are so happy to be part this amazing experience! As students of AUE try out and spread about the benefits of the cryotherapy, we are sure many are going to find comfort and solutions to their problems.”

The whole-body cryotherapy at Iwona Specialty Clinic is the only electric based cryotherapy in the region, using electrical technology to cool the atmospheric air consistently throughout the whole chamber. The treatment involves three whole minutes inside a -110 Celsius that shocks the body into a range of benefits. #CryoChallengeAUE challenges the students to spend the longest time experiencing the treatment and then asking friends to try out the challenge via social media, thus promoting the many benefits with a fun, competitive vibe.

While most people are unaware of the benefits of a whole-body cryotherapy using atmospheric air, Iwona Specialty Clinic is determined to bring this miraculous treatment in the lime light. The therapy benefits the body in endless ways, including muscle relaxation, skin tightening, collagen production and calorie burning. The multi-benefit experience also enforces the most proactive responses from the body, jump-starting a mix of hormones that get rushed around the body.

Perfect for students who deal with an active every day routine, involving sports, studying, prolonged hours of being on the move and general stress, the therapy increases levels of endorphins or the feel-good hormones that are usually released after exercise, sports or a thrilling activity.

The Challenge starts from April 111h and goes on until April 30th. Follow the fun challenge and learn more about real time cryotherapy experiences using the hashtag #CryoChallengeAUE on Instagram.

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