American Hospital Dubai holds symposia featuring Mayo Clinic medical experts as part of 20th year anniversary

american-hospitalUAE, November 15, 2016 – The American Hospital Dubai successfully hosted three symposia presenting physicians and professors from US-headquartered Mayo Clinic as part of its 20th year celebration. The talks, which was held at the hospital’s premises today (November 15, 2016), focused on three key areas: developments in individualized medicine and its impact in today’s patient care, Mayo Clinic’s leadership development model and addressing burnout among medical staff.

The various sessions aims to exchange experiences with physicians, hospital department heads, clinicians, nurses and ancillary staff on recent developments in patient care and medical practices implemented at the Mayo Clinic.

Dr. Alexander Parker, Professor of Urology and Epidemiology and Associate Director for the Center for Individualized Medicine, discussed the topic, ‘Individualized Medicine: Moving from Promise to Practice’, which highlighted the role of genomics or the sequencing and analysis of human DNA in individualized medicine or tailored diagnosis and treatment and its impact in today’s practices on patient care. Dr. Parker’s talk shared how Mayo Clinic has been implementing the practice of genomics-based medicine and its prospects as technology continues to advance into big data and connectivity.

The one-day event also featured talks about leadership development to be addressed by Dr. Paul S. Mueller, Chair of Division of General Internal Medicine and Professor of Medicine and Bioethics.

Dr. Thomas Howell, MCHS Medical Director for Patient Experience addressed a talk titled ‘Burnout: Why Improving Patient Experience is the Answer’, which focuses on satisfaction versus experience of patients, the physician versus the patient’s perception of quality, data concerns, burnout, motivation and resolution of patient complaints and grievances.

Attendees received a corresponding Dubai Health Authority-approved Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits.

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