Al Muhaisnah Health Center hosts health awareness campaign for men

UAE, October 7, 2015 – The Training and Development Committee of the Dubai Healthcare City’s (DHA) Al Muhaisnah Health Center, in cooperation with Bayer, recently organized a health awareness campaign on the sidelines of International Men’s Day on October 7, 2015. The drive was aimed at informing people, especially men, about various health issues and diseases such as prostate cancer, inflammation, infertility, impotence, climacteric syndrome, and urinary tract stones.


“The health awareness initiative demonstrates the Ministry of Health’s commitment to primary healthcare which will contribute in achieving the goals of the UAE’s visionary government to offer comprehensive and optimal healthcare services for its citizens and residents to develop a society of healthy individuals. In addition, the DHA reinforces its dedication towards Dubai’s people by launching a very important initiative that urges men to take complete care of their health and reproductive behavior to strengthen their role in the family and society. Aside from raising awareness about men’s general well-being, the campaign also sheds lights on the importance of the early detection of reproductive problems and the hazards of unhealthy lifestyles that may affect them,” concluded Dr. Maryam Ahmed Shaker, Director, Al Muhaisnah Health Center.


The health awareness campaign included lectures by Dr. Mohammad Kamel Al Jumaily, an Urologist and Andrologist from Al Baraha Hospital in Dubai. During his address, Dr. Al Jumaily said that awareness among patients can help prevent the onset and spread of common illnesses such as the inflammation of prostate glands, kidney diseases, the formation of urinary tract stones, as well as diabetes-related impairments. He also elaborated on the shock wave technique for treating blood vessels which helps required blood reach the male reproductive system and introduced the concept of climacteric syndrome in men.

The Men’s Healthcare Clinic in Al Muhaisnah Health Center aims to encourage men to have a healthy reproductive culture, enabling them to fulfill their functions to support their social and familial roles. The clinic caters to men aged between 20 and 70.


Dubai Healthcare City strives to achieve several objectives, including increasing awareness among men about their health and early detection of reproductive disorders. In addition, it also helps in the early diagnosis of factors such as high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes along with stopping the smoking habit that can lead to fatal diseases. Moreover, DHA has a well-established database of common diseases of men and takes measures to prevent them.

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