Advancing medical research while adhering to good clinical practices

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 18, 2014: The rising incidence of non-communicable diseases like cancer which accounted for 12.9% of all deaths in Abu Dhabi in 2013 alone1, and high rates of chronic diseases related to lifestyle like obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases; has led to an increase in the demand for innovative and advanced medical solutions which can help in meeting disease challenges. Experts have highlighted the need not only to undertake scientific research which can help in addressing disease trends specific to the region but also the importance of maintaining international quality standards by adhering to ethical guidelines aimed at protecting patient rights and ensuring their safety and wellbeing. As a part of its ongoing global efforts to optimize patient safety, Roche pharmaceuticals is bringing together 30 researchers from UAE and the Gulf to conduct a Good Clinical Practice Workshop, aimed at equipping the researchers with accurate knowledge and skill sets required to maintain the ethical standards.

We often come across researchers with a keen interest in undertaking clinical study with an aim to explore more about innovative drugs to help patients hence such GCP workshops are helpful to ensure that these researchers are adequately equipped to undertake these projects and deliver best results.

“Clinical research is the key towards making advances in the medical field, by introducing innovative diagnostic and therapeutic interventions for diseases. As such, clinical research offers new treatment options, and gives new hope especially for patients with life-threatening disease.  International guidelines have set Standards focused on patient rights and safety beside the scientific credibility of clinical research. These standards have been adopted by the Ministry of Health to ensure that research conducted is at par with international standards. We urge more and more physicians and other healthcare professionals to join the international research community and make a contribution towards progress and development in the medical field,” says Dr. Ghada Al Tajir, Director Clinical Research Centre, Al Qassimi Hospital, UAE.

The Good Clinical Practice workshop to be conducted on 19-20 December 2014, will provide the researchers with an overview of ethical and regulatory guidelines, while equipping them with the skills required to ensure patient safety by adhering to protocols, documenting data, undertaking risk based monitoring and setting up the systematic process required to maintain patient benefit. The activity is a part of Roche’s ongoing global efforts to encourage scientific thinking by ensuring every Roche product is both effective and safe by establishing a systematic process designed to optimize patient safety throughout the lifecycle of a medicine.

“One of our long-term visions at Roche pharmaceutical is to advance scientific thinking by empowering the individuals responsible to lead the conversation around innovative medical solution. We aim to transform the clinical practice through introduction of paradigm changing innovative medicines and to be able to do so, it is highly important for us to equip the researchers who are leading the investigation for innovative medication. We are devoted to optimizing patient benefit by generating and communicating compelling scientific evidence that demonstrates the value of our medicines,” says Slobodan Nedeljković- Head of Medical, Roche Middle East Sub-regions.

Medical research or clinical trials are essential to providing the scientific evidence or data that is required to determine whether new drugs, diagnostics or new procedures are both safe and effective when used to diagnose and treat patients. Roche pharmaceutical is a leading treatment provider for oncology in the region like breast cancer, colorectal cancer, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma, in addition to Virology, Inflammation and Metabolic Disorders. The company’s operation in the GCC has been instrumental in putting the region in the global scenario of clinical research and innovation.


  1. Health Statistics 2013 by Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, last updated on 27 November, 2014.

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