89% of UAE consumers want to live a healthier life, according to research from Oman Insurance Company and Bupa Global

19th October 2015: Oman Insurance Company (OIC) and Bupa Global today unveiled their latest independent research that shows 89% of UAE residents believe they could live a healthier life. Furthermore, nearly 40% of respondents claim they do not have sufficient time to manage their wellbeing and 58% of these respondents state work commitments are the main barrier to doing so.

Despite this, 80% of respondents would like more information about their health and wellbeing, and 57% want more support from their friends and family to manage their wellbeing.  The research also highlighted that 61% of UAE residents believe their health is important. 

Karim Idilby, General Manager for Bupa Global in the Middle East, said: “Our research and market knowledge clearly indicates that consumers recognise the importance of good health and are looking to take steps to improve their wellbeing. A crucial element of good health is insurance that focuses on all-round health with wellness services included. We have listened to UAE consumers and have launched the OIC and Bupa Global Wellness Assessment to help them better understand their health, make informed decisions plus gain expert advice on how they can improve their wellbeing.”

Silvena Rowe, Celebrity Chef and brand ambassador, said: “Food is one of the biggest pleasures in life; it celebrates all the senses and is the most powerful medicine. The survey demonstrates that UAE residents spend time researching healthy foods and recipes and looking for information to improve their health.  I believe people can cook for pleasure, for health and for inspiration. Food is a vital element of a holistic health approach.”

“I am delighted to be associated with OIC and Bupa Global and their wellness initiatives in the region since healthy food is my passion and very close to my heart,” she continued.

OIC and Bupa Global have launched their new tiered range of international private medical insurance (IPMI) products in Dubai: Premier, Elite and Ultimate Health Plans. These Health Plans are tiered on coverage and price and focus on customers’ all-round health with a broad level of benefits and wellness services. Health insurance is compulsory for all nationals and expats in Dubai, following the passing of recent regulations by the Dubai Health Authority.

For more information on OIC and Bupa Global’s free Wellness Assessment visit http://wellness.bupaglobal.com/

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