Panasonic joins global call for increased asthma awareness, highlights improved indoor air quality as key in managing environmental triggers


The brand recently introduced its new air purifiers for Middle East market built with Direct Front Suction feature for gathering dust and pollutants up to 30cm above the ground

Panasonic Eco Solutions – a division of Panasonic Marketing Middle East & Africa (PMMAF) – is echoing the call to increase public awareness on asthma care and prevention in celebration of World Asthma Day on May 1st.

Based on estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), asthma affects over 300 million people globally, and is one of the most common noncommunicable diseases suffered by both adults and children. WHO has also estimated that with the current rising trends, asthma sufferers may reach 400 million by 2025. Experts cited that the Middle East is no exception, as findings reveal there has been an increase in asthma cases in the region over the past several decades. In fact, a research conducted by doctors at the King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences in Saudi Arabia found that the Kingdom leads the region in asthma cases with around 24% of its population suffering. Kuwait and the UAE also ranked high with rates of 16.8% and 13% respectively.

The electronics giant emphasized that management of environmental triggers is an important factor in asthma prevention, noting that improving indoor air quality is a key step in managing asthma triggers, according to Hidenori Matsubara – General Manager, Indoor Air Quality, Panasonic Eco Solutions, a division of PMMAF.

“Respiratory health issues are prevalent in the region because of its environmental conditions, especially the persistent challenges with dust and sand storms. Consistent with our mission of addressing the specific needs of our customers, Panasonic is offering high-quality Air Purifiers to help make Middle East homes healthier by keeping indoor air clean and free from pollutants and other harmful airborne particles. Air purifiers have been proven effective in mitigating asthma risks by reducing the allergens that can cause Asthma, thus they are beneficial not just for asthma patients but for other members of the household as well,” Matsubara added.


Panasonic offers one of the widest Air Purifier range in the Middle East, and now the brand is boosting its line up with the launch of new models that boast best-in-class technologies. Among those recently unveiled are F-VXM35, F-PXM35, and the premium F-VXL95, which is especially made in Japan.

The highlight of the new air purifier models is the advanced Direct Front Suction feature, which effectively absorbs dust and pollutants up to 30cm above the ground. Through the appliance’s House Dust Catcher and Two-Side Airflow, both small and large pollutants are gathered back to the air purifier to clean the spaces near the floor where children usually play, making the Panasonic Air Purifier a must-have for homes with babies and toddlers.

Other key features of the new air purifiers include:
• HEPA Composite Filter – multi-filtration capability that can capture 0.3um particles up to 99.97%, plus three more kinds of technology – Super alleru-buster, Green Tea Catechin and Anti-bacteria Enzyme – effectively inhibiting indoor allergen and bacteria.
• Nanoe technology – release charged OH radicals in water molecules which increase the effectiveness of anti-virus / bacteria , deodorization and skin hydration.
• Human Activity Sensor – air purifier sucks in dust and fine particles quickly before they spread around the room by detecting human motion.
• Econavi technology – appliance’s operation can be programmed according to your activities, thus allowing up to 40% energy savings.

Panasonic Air Purifiers are available in the UAE at Al Futtaim Panatech store with price starting at AED 899 (VAT exclusive). The range is also available in other GCC markets, as well as in Iran and Pakistan.

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