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powwer jarsTo Start: A brand-new healthy meals delivery service just recently launched, Powwer Jars not only embrace healthy eating to the highest level but are backed by the principle “to provide the  freshest food possible in the most ecofriendly way possible”. This plan began with an initial consultation with the lifestyle consultant, a full body composition analysis, an indepth questionnaire to understand my lifestyle and regular weekly follow-ups. Powwer Jars serve up an assortment of international recipes designed to provide your palette with a zing with food wholly based on vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and Paleo principles.

The Experience: To start, these meals were delivered in a recyclable brown paper bag with each jar labeled. It is based on the concept of convenient meals in jars that could be easily popped into an office bag for work or school. Each meal totaled 350 calories per jar with at total caloric intake adding up to 1250 calories. Breakfast included a rich and creamy mango and muesli cheesecake for breakfast while another day I had mango chia seed pudding with coconut milk. Not only were these delicious but these kept me satiated for a few hours. Lunch meals included quinoa mango and avocado salad one day while another day there was guacamole rice. Both of these meals were loaded with fresh ingredients and because they were light, it meant I avoided that lull that comes often with heavy lunchtime meals. Dinner meals included buckwheat pasta with tomato and basil sauce one day and spicy chick pea masala; both in portions that could actually be shared. The mid-day snack in this meal plan was a jar filed with nuts, seeds and a rich and chewy date and carob ball which lifted waning energy levels.

Results: Because these were packed in eco-friendly recyclable jars, I could actually see everything I was eating at a glance. This service includes a very interactive Whats App group chat that keeps all members connected and for sharing their weight loss results. Also, every morning the members receive a breakdown of the meals for the day along with ingredients.

Details: Powwer Jars pricing ranges from Dhs 1000 to Dhs 4040 depending on your menu of healthy foods and detox juices that you choose. The pricing also depends on the number of meals and your medical requirements. This is inclusive of the full meal package for 28 days, all meals of the day plus a snack every day. Also included in the package is the initial consultation with the lifestyle consultant, the full body composition analysis, an indepth questionnaire to understand your lifestyle and regular weekly follow-ups. Contact: 055 950 0094

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