Natural Skincare at its Best

herbal-essentialsHealth meets Aly Rahimtoola, founder and managing director of herbal essentials who talks about merging the best nature has to offer with the most modern skincare techniques.

The Focus

The brand was built with a focus on the consumer in mind where we offer highly effective products that help the skin to rejuvenate using recipes and know-how from around the world. Our award
winning Himalayan range is built on the principles of Ayurveda where we blend natural plants with pure Himalayan Spring Water to create a range of highly effective facial skincare products that help the skin to feel refreshed.

The Uniqueness Factor

We were the first beauty brand in the region to be part of the “Beauty without Bunnies” campaign by PETA and we recently joined “1% for the Planet” which is a global  non-profit organization aimed at giving back to Mother Nature. This is very much part of our value system as a brand as we believe in using nature for our own benefit but also giving back wherever we can.

The Future

You’re one of the first we have told, but we’re excited to be launching our Mediterranean range in 2017, which will use some amazing botanical ingredients sourced from the Mediterranean region that have some wonderful skin efficacy aimed at anti-pollution, anti-aging, and refreshing the skin.

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