Men and their Hair

Men and Their HairFor men,  thinning or greying hairline can mean a loss of self-esteem and embarrassment, hair expert Dr. Dimitrios Ziakas reveals the options men have to save their hair and restore its youthfulness.


Whether you’ve just noticed a thinning hairline or are constantly trying to cover your head with a baseball cap, there’s a good chance that you’ve not tried the right products or received the right treatment for hair loss. Hair loss is a normal process but excess loss of hair and lack of re-growth is an alarming sign. With more than 60 percent of men suffering from hair loss, the risk of serious damage to their self-esteem can be high.


If you’re looking at hair regeneration, it is essential to visit a doctor who focuses specifically on the right technique for the various ethnic backgrounds and hair types.



This is an ideal option for patients always on the move as the procedure provides rapid healing and allows for free movement and exercise in just 14 days In a nutshell, the No Touch technique is the most minimal invasive hair transplant technique available today in which no scalpel
or stiches is required. The entire procedure is carried out using the finest and custom made hair transplant instruments.


The mesotherapy solution works well for patients who want longlasting results that deliver healthy and luscious hair. This innovative technique helps to slow down the growth of hair and regenerates it back again upon further treatments. Mesotherapy injects a special solution to the scalp, which reaches straight to the follicles and makes them stronger.


Another new and promising hair restoration method is the Direct MPG, which is applied to the scalp between existing hairs to present the illusion of a higher density.


  1. Proper hair care should be taken at all times. It is recommended that you wash your hair at least three times a week and use a shower filter.
  2. A well balanced diet is a must and if possible avoid eating excessively oily food.
  3. Moderation in everything. A healthy lifestyle with reduced stress and proper medical advice can lead to healthy hair.
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