Luxury Timekeeping with Carl F. Bucherer

carl-f-buchererHEALTH speaks with Sascha Moeri, CEO at Carl F. Bucherer since 2010 about Carl F. Bucherer – a superlative Swiss horological brand – about upcoming watch trends for 2017.

The Brand

We are an independent watch manufacturer from the heart of Switzerland, the exuberant city of Lucerne, where the brand was founded in 1888 and still lives today. With over 125 years of  xpertise in watch and jewelry making, we believe in the importance of always being at the forefront and never stopping to strive for innovations – qualities our clients appreciate about us as much as the sophisticated technology, traditional craftsmanship, and appealing design that go into our timepieces.

Look for craftsmanship

Watch enthusiasts will most likely know this, but the inner workings of a mechanical movement are just as important as the design and the quality of a timepiece. A luxury timepiece is a way of expressing the individual self, the very own, personal style. Such a person will be enthusiastic about Carl F. Bucherer watches, as every single timepiece is unique, distinctive, and of the highest craftsmanship.

Components of a luxury watch

A watch becomes a fine timepiece through a combination of many different things. Our experience, accumulated in three generations of watchmaking, has taught us that it needs both an excellent
team that is capable of top-notch craftsmanship and a state-of-theart manufacture, just like the one we just opened in Lengnau, to create genuine luxury timepieces. Add to that first-class materials, cutting-edge technology, and one-of-a-kind style and you’ve got yourself an outstanding timepiece. But let’s not forget that luxury is also a feeling. A sense of uniqueness, the possibility for individual expression of self – these are also aspects that should be taken into account when it comes to luxury timepieces. It’s what sets us apart from others in the field.

Horological trends for 2017

At Carl F. Bucherer, we follow a different philosophy. We create iconic timepieces, classics that will still be fascinating in decades and having people clamoring to wear them. Our watches are unique, true items of luxury that don’t stem from trends, they are the result of years and years of expert research and development and therefore products that surpass time. Our watches don’t merely track every passing hour, but tell a riveting story of pioneering spirit, of entrepreneurial genius and therein reflect our values: continuity, passion, independence and technological perfection. You can, however, expect great new things from us in the months following and in 2017. We will present new, incredible timepieces for men and ladies to the world that will profoundly awe our clients.

Watch buying advice

Over the course of time, but especially during the last decade, watches have evolved. They are functional, yes, but also fashionable, an expression of the wearer’s personality and his very unique style. The best advice I can give is this: Any prospective buyer should do his research. Figure out what he really desires – is it to start a collection or is he only interested in one watch? And then he should make sure he is getting the best quality possible – he shouldn’t be satisfied with anything less than the highest craftsmanship, top-notch technology and most beautiful exterior. The rest is up to personal taste and figuring out what will permanently excite him when he catches a glimpse of it on his arm. Within the five distinctive watch families of Carl F. Bucherer, anyone can find the
one, perfect watch for him – befitting his personal preferences and the depth of his pockets, as we offer watches of varying price ranges, sizes, and styles.

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