livelyTo Start: The program began with an in-depth consultation with the nutritionist including a complete body analysis. As I was not overweight nor did I have any serious health concerns as such, I was put on the a la carte menu at  1200 kcal per day. They offer a huge range of packages depending on your lifestyle and overall health. Overall, they have a cuisine to suit every kind of palette and offer meals from all over the world.

The Experience: Chilled meals were delivered at almost the same time daily that included heating instructions for each course in addition to a cutlery pack with seasonings. The first day was breakfast of an omelet with vegetables and toast while another was my favorite; a bagel and cream cheese. Lunches were varied in taste and included  spicy garlic shrimps with kafta and potato in oven while another day, there was Parmesan roasted potatoes with shrimp Kabseh. Assorted dinner options included a tasty Greek beans soup with a Ranch chicken sandwich while my absolute favorite was the cauliflower soup along with delicious grilled fish fillet with roasted potato and tahini sauce. 2 snacks and 1 side dish were included and some sweets treats included tiramisu and ginger cake with tea.

Results: Overall, the food was delicious, fresh, included lots of seafood options as well as Arabic, Chinese, and continental options. Details: Prices range from Dhs 1200 to Dhs 4500 depending on your menu, your package, and your medical requirements. This is inclusive of the full meal package for 28 days, all meals of the day, the initial consultation with the dietician, the full body  composition analysis and the regular follow-ups.

Contact: 04 348 1008

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