Learn About Polish Breakthroughs in Medical Equipment and Healthcare Industry

The value of the Polish medical devices and equipment sector amounts to EUR 2.9 billion, and the most innovative solutions are increasingly used in healthcare. Polish medical equipment and devices are distinguished by high production quality, low maintenance and spare parts costs, high durability and an excellent price-quality ratio. Companies in this booming industry are attending trade shows in the Middle East, presenting themselves at Expo 2020 Dubai and opening up to new markets.

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One of such companies is Baromedical Technology. It is a manufacturer of hyperbaric chambers – innovative medical equipment used to carry out oxygen therapy procedures. Thanks to the hyperbaric chambers, patients take in more oxygen than from the air they breathe, and undergoing the procedure regularly helps to treat carbon monoxide poisoning, neurological diseases, atherosclerosis and hypertension. Baromedical, which is participating in Expo 2020 Dubai under the Partnership Programme implemented by the Polish Investment and Trade Agency, is also a manufacturer of multimedia and non-contact devices for hand disinfection and body temperature measurement. This Polish company provided such equipment for the Polish Pavilion. Disinfection stations are designed to perform multiple functions simultaneously. They are equipped with various types of Digital Signage screens and advanced facial recognition modules. The devices also stand out due to their original design. They were designed by Polish engineers and artists specialising in industrial design.

Another breakthrough Polish medical solution is an intelligent system that detects abnormalities in the respiratory system. StethoMe is based on artificial intelligence algorithms. This enables its integration with a wireless stethoscope and a special application. The equipment is used by patients at home on a daily basis and allows to detect abnormal respiratory sounds and obtain the results immediately. StethoMe is useful in diagnosing pneumonia and bronchitis, or worsening asthma symptoms. It is the result of 5 years of work of 60 world-class experts and scientists.

Polish companies are also leading the way in the production of neurorehabilitation devices. One of them is EGZOtech, which designed the Luna EMG robot with personalised and automated training programmes for patients with significant motor deficits. It increases muscle strength, range of movement and coordination. Built-in games that can be used during exercises help with therapy and training. The Luna EMG robot also monitors the progress of neurorehabilitation and orthopaedic therapy, with results available in the form of reports.

Polish companies and startups in the medical equipment and healthcare sector are becoming increasingly desirable partners for entrepreneurs operating in other markets. They establish new contacts at the Dubai World Expo and regularly attend the Arab Health trade shows. They specialise in electromedicine and medical technology products and services, medical and health IT, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, physiotherapy and orthopaedic technology, as well as disposable products.

Learn more and discover the fastest growing industries in Poland: https://expo.gov.pl/reports/

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