Lauding Health Innovations in the UAE

health ConferenceHEALTH met with H.E. Dr. Amin Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health and Licensing at The Ministry of

What gives the UAE an edge over other regions in terms of healthcare?

H.E. Dr. Al Amiri: First of all, what the UAE is doing in supporting the pharmaceutical sector will allow it to become one of the leading countries worldwide in healthcare. At the regional level, the UAE, in the past few years, has become one of the leading countries in the MENA region in terms of fast track drug registration, proper management and drug pricing.
Despite that, the support from the pharmaceutical industries as a strategic partnership help ensure that international and regional companies are able to have their investment and regional offices here. Not only to support our country but to support the MENA region in general. Therefore, we always think regulation with the government is very important to
align with the private sector and make sure such regulations will be able to support foreign investment, encourage them to be in the UAE, and to expand their presence in the UAE.

What is the impact of the upcoming Expo 2020 on healthcare in the UAE?

H.E. Dr. Al Amiri: I believe there is a strong positive impact on health services not only in medical tourism but also supporting the partnership with the private sector, having new specialized hospitals and health centers in the UAE.
Also, there are new innovations in the pharmaceutical sector and new innovations in medicines as the UAE is the one of the top countries to allow patients to have a fast access to medicines which in turn, can help their health and hopefully
cure their diseases.

What are some key innovative medicines we can hope to see soon in the UAE?

H.E. Dr. Al Amiri: One of the medicines to be launched is for heart failure. This medicine could minimalize the possibility
of heart failure by 20 percent. This is great for patients. It will also minimize the patients stay in the hospital by 20 percent. For the last 20 years there were no innovations in medicines for heart failure therefore this is a major breakthrough. The other medicine is for patients with type 2 diabetes. The patient will be able to fix a capsule under his skin that will enable him or her to not take diabetes medicines for six months. The UAE has decided to make the year 2015 ‘The Year of Innovation’ and we, as the Ministry of Health, are trying to ensure new innovations to be implemented
are in the country. For example, for new medicines to come to the country as a fast track and make sure patients can benefit from such innovative medicines.



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