Keeping Kids Safe in Style

24Gone are the days when parents had to let go of their style mantra and instead, embrace baby products that were just compliant with their kids’ dressing and safety needs. With more and more manufacturers considering options galore to provide fashion statements along with safety, on-trend kids-parenting gears are now a reality.

Safety with Design
According to Martin Pos, Founder of CYBEX, there was a gap in the market for parenting gears that perfectly blended the safety of children and fashion needs of modern parents to suit their urban lifestyles. “That’s why we combine the highest safety and quality standards and intelligent functionality with unique designs,” he explains.

With parenting comes the responsibility of your child’s safety and that is something one should never negotiate on. CYBEX, along with other manufacturers, has collaborated in developing new safety standards and offers various child and infant needs that comply with international safety standards even before they became a legal requirement.

Tips to Choosing the Right Products for Your Kids 

  • If you are an urban adventure seeker, then the right stroller should fulfill yours and your baby’s needs. Look for sturdy wheels that will handle all kinds of terrains like a champ. Options of adjustable height helps as neither will you have to keep changing them as your baby grows nor request for high-chairs at dining tables.
  • Remember, for weather like ours, optimum sun shade coverage is a must.
  • The latest trends in baby carriers are offering silhouettes with modern classic potential in their own right. Babies need body contact, especially during the early months. For many parents, baby carriers are the perfect solution for combining closeness and mobility.
  • Car seats for infants and toddlers alike are absolutely essential for transporting them in cars. CYBEX is known for its child and infant car seats, always adhering to the highest safety standards, but never lacking in aesthetics, functionality, and versatility.
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