Keeping A Balance… A One-on-One With Bollywood Celebrity Karisma Kapoor

17At the recent inaugural Health Awards Event held on January 16, 2017, Bollywood celebrity Karisma Kapoor spoke to HEALTH about her simple, yet very effective tips to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Advice For Staying in Shape
“Firstly, I advise all women to avoid letting pressure get to you. Also, keep your stress levels down. Really, at the end of it, it’s about having a healthy lifestyle in every aspect. Also, eat in moderation and drink lots and lots of water. I know it sounds simple, but it’s these simple little things that can make a big impact on our lifestyle and a major difference in our health and wellbeing.”

Personal Tips For Wellbeing
“Honestly, my tips are quite simple, but effective. I drink lots of hot water in the mornings, I space my meals apart, and I try to eat every two hours. I truly believe the more you eat, the more it speeds up your metabolism, and keeps you healthy.”

Fitness Preferences
“I don’t really go to the gym; rather, I am a major yoga fanatic. So I do breathing, meditation, and Ashtunga; a good mix of everything. I personally like simple techniques and feel this has worked for me over the years.”

Food Indulgences
“I have many food indulgences. I adore sweets—from chocolate cake to cupcakes, you name it. And having two children, I do indulge occasionally. I also love my biryani, and being originally from Peshawar, I love Peshawari food as well as Punjabi food. In fact, I really enjoy eating and then I make up for it in exercise, which gives a good balance.”

No Extremes
“I am not an extremist in food or fitness. I could not live on just salads or just one type of food. I think this backfires ultimately. I would like to tell women out there to eat correctly; have healthy, well-balanced meals, but indulge sometimes. It won’t hurt…”

Balancing Family And Work
“It’s really about priorities. If you have your priorities in the right place, everything will work out right. Remember, ‘MOM’ stands for ‘Master of Multi-tasking’ and I think this is something all moms need to remember.”

The Annual Health Awards 2017
“I am truly honored to have been here at this inaugural event. I think the Annual Health Awards is a wonderful concept and initiative, and I am delighted to be included.”

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