Is your Passion for fashion making you sick?

fASHIONFrom the fashionable skinny jeans to our favorite Louboutin stilettos, did you know that some fashion trends can actually be hazardous for your health? Specialist Dermatologist Dr. Suresh Babu Rengasamy explains.

On a daily basis, fashion brands flood the market with the latest “musthave” trends, products and styles that capture our imagination and ultimately impact the way we dress nd groom ourselves. The flip side of this is for some, they may come with a hefty price.


The dark side of fashion is linked to eating disorders and unhealthy body images. Following unrealistic benchmarks has caused several young men and women to battle bulimia and anorexia nervosa. However, it doesn’t end there. Trends such as tight skinny jeans can also hamper your blood circulation, cause urinary tract infections, and in men, affect sperm production.

A woman was recently hospitalized in the UK for four days because she lost sensation in her legs due to wearing tight jeans over a long period. In addition to impacting her nerves, her choice of apparel had also affected the blood flood to her leg muscles.


Tight clothing that cuts into the abdomen, which includes everything from jeans to belts and compression undergarments, or shapewear can also cause problems. Pressure on the stomach can cause acid reflux, as it pushes the stomach acid up through the lower part of the esophagus, where it meets the stomach, causing heartburn.

Urinary tracts infections are yet another common problem seen in women who wear tight jeans.


In addition to tight clothes, accessories such as stilettoes and oversized bags have also been linked to problems ranging from shoulder and
lower back pain to painful bunions and corns. Wearing high heels can cause anything from ingrown toenails to damaged tendons. Squeezing your toes into a narrow toe box can cause nerve damage and bunions. High heels have also been linked to lower back pain, fatigued leg muscles, knee pain and plantar fasciitis.

Oversized and heavy handbags can sometimes weigh several kilograms. Carrying this much weight can put stress on the nerves within your
shoulder, and cause pain, numbness and tingling starting from the neck to the arm. Upper-back and neck muscles can also become strained from carrying heavy weight in one position over time.



Dr. Suresh Babu Rengasamy

Specialist Dermatologist

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