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arab-healthWith Arab Health just around the corner, HEALTH meets Ali El- Khidir, Marketing Director of Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions who explains why exhibitions like these enable the best viable healthcare to both consumers and experts alike.

The Importance of Exhibitions

“By running conferences that are led by internationally acclaimed speakers, medical practitioners get to learn about
topical healthcare issues and how to approach them in their daily practice. Additionally, through the exhibition,
healthcare organizations have the opportunity to explore the latest technologies which may be integrated into their
current or future facilities. Both aspects, the conference and the exhibition, bring together global leaders in the healthcare industry to exchange ideas and discuss advancements in the field, which may then be applied to benefit patients.”

Technology in Medicine

“The growth of Arab Health and MEDLAB mirror the growth seen in healthcare technology year after year. The exhibitions act as a platform for many companies to showcase their latest innovations and demonstrate how they have applied technology to the benefit and advancement of medicine. A popular example can be seen with companies at Arab Health that have optimized virtual reality to be used for medical education.”

Medical Innovations 

“The majority of the 4,000 plus exhibiting companies at Arab Health and 600 plus exhibiting companies at MEDLAB will have medical innovations to be explored. One of the innovation areas we will highlight at the
Arab Health exhibition is the 3D Medical Printing Zone. Here visitors will get to see how 3D printed body parts are being used to replace biological tissue substitutes, and much more.”

Key Objectives

“Emerging from its beginnings as a small trade show on a patch of land in Dubai 42 years ago, to two global healthcare industry platforms and education hubs relevant to every single healthcare professional in the region and beyond, the main goal of the exhibitions is to facilitate business opportunities within the region while advancing industry knowledge. Additionally, separating Arab Health and MEDLAB, the medical laboratory exhibition, for the first time this year, will give attendees a deeper understanding of different areas of healthcare, and an opportunity to specifically hone in on areas that are of interest to them.”

The Future 

“Informa Life Sciences Exhibitions is strongly committed to continuing medical education and providing platforms –  through the Arab Health and MEDLAB Exhibitions and Congresses – that attract international healthcare leaders to the Middle East. In line with global trends and the latest technological advances, the exhibitions will continue to support the region’s constantly advancing healthcare landscape. For the foreseeable future, the further integration
of 3D technology in healthcare will be a key area of focus at Arab Health.”

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