How to Reduce Acne Scars

Acne Scars

It is a part of the life of a teenager. But, when you outgrow your teenage years, you want the acne to go with it. Often, discolored scars are left behind. Here are some ways that you can reduce the scarring left behind by acne.What Is Acne?

How to Reduce Acne ScarsAcne is a common skin disease that usually strikes in adolescence and the teenage years but can also be a problem for some adults. It is characterized by inflammatory forms such as blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.

Sebaceous follicles in the skin secrete more oil during puberty. This oil can clog up the pores along with dead skin cells and other detritus. This can cause a pustule to form as the skin tries to get rid of the clog. An infection can set in, further inflaming the skin and resulting in a more serious form of acne.

Dealing with acne is not something that any of us wants to do. Many kids, not wanting anyone to see whiteheads or blackheads on their skin, pick at the acne until they pop the skin covering the pus. This seemingly temporary fix can leave a longer-lasting problem once the acne is gone. Scarring can develop over the area and become unsightly.

Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Acne Scars

You don’t have to go through life with dark spots or scars on your face that you find unappealing. Here are some ways to help smooth out your skin again.

* Use Vitamin E – Vitamin E is good for the skin. It can help improve tone and elasticity. On the surface, using a vitamin E oil can help moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of the scars, over time.

* Use aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is a plant where the juice has healing properties such as reducing the pain of a burn or the warmth associated with a bee sting. Using aloe Vera gel on the scars can reduce the inflammation and begin the healing process for your skin.

* See a dermatologist – They can suggest ways to renew your skin. One is microdermabrasion. The uppermost skin layers that are damaged are removed in this process to make way for new unblemished skin to grow. The procedure leaves the skin vulnerable for a few days while the new skin is replacing the old. Microdermabrasion kits can be purchased so you can perform the procedure at home. Be advised that it will be more extensive if conducted in a doctor’s office.

* Try detoxification – Some believe that illness or disease is a result of toxic build-up in the body. Trying a detoxification program can rid the body of excess toxins and start you on a new eating plan with healthier foods. This can also help reduce the incidence of acne and the scarring that can follow.

Do you or did you suffer from acne? There may have been scars left behind. Use the tips above to minimize the appearance of your scars.

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