How Mothers in UAE can provide all the family with the vitamins they need

A balanced diet is definitely the way to go when it comes to healthy eating. Taking supplements should never be the end-all or cure-all for your family’s nutritional needs. Giving your family a large variety of foods should supply all the vitamins/minerals they need for good health, strong bones, alert brains and generous energy supply.

vitaminsWe all know that it’s difficult to maintain this ideal for long periods of time. Weekend lapses, sickness, being too busy, or general family life can come between us and good nourishment. This is why taking supplements can be very useful indeed. Below is a list of some of the main nutrients the different members of your family require, based on their age.

Toddlers and pre-school kids

Vitamin A C D and E, serve as a solid foundation in supplying needed nutrients for a small child. They take care of growing bones, eyes, the brain, the muscles, and give vital energy for all the running around they get up to.

School age kids

In order for school age kids to cope with the pressures of homework and physical activities, it is important to give them a boost by making sure they have a regular intake of vitamin A, C, D and E.


As Children grow into teenagers their bodies make several new demands on them. Active hormones mean that the skin may be showing signs of over-active oily glands. School work is more pressuring and life in general is hitting them from all sides. Rapid growth takes its toll on their bones. Teeth are also settling down, and they may even be wearing braces at this stage. Calcium becomes extremely important, as teens stop drinking milk at this age. They need a regular dose of calcium and magnesium to stay healthy.


As Mums are always busy taking care of their family’s needs, they pay less attention to the way their body changes over time. Cells may be affected by free radicals, skin starts to age and the body attempts to run down on itself. Lycopene is an antioxidant which can combat anti-aging. It will fight free radicals and improve skin condition.


As men age, their need for essential nutrients increases. Vitamin C plays an important role in metabolizing Cholesterol. Vitamin A is important to men over 40 to help reduce the risk of Prostate Cancer.


Women over 50 are susceptible to diseases as their immune system is weak. Vitamin C & E as well as the mineral Zinc are immune system protectors that aid in healing wounds, protecting from Bacteria and Viruses. After menopause, women are at an increased risk of osteoporosis due to hormone changes. Calcium & Vitamin D are essential to maintain bone health as women age. An increased intake of these nutrients will help prevent bone loss. Vitamin D is important in this process because it helps with the absorption of Calcium in the body.


Men over 50 experience hormonal changes as they age and their body’s ability to produce certain Co – enzymes like Q10 diminishes. Co-enzyme Q10 helps to promote energy metabolism and good immune health. Adequate intake of vitamin D is recommended for older men, needed for immune health and reduction of inflammation.

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