How Air Travel Changes Your Skin

Even those with the best skin will often find that during a long flight, the skin becomes dull, dry, and lackluster. Here are some of the most common skin ailments during travel and how to treat them effectively.

Cracked Lips

Being at high altitude can definitely take a toll on your skin and can cause dry, cracked lips. Avoid wearing lipstick on the flight and instead, apply a hydrating lip balm to ensure your lips stay hydrated.


Sometimes for no reason, flying at a high altitude can trigger fierce rashes. Be sure to keep a small tube of hydrocortisone cream in your kit to apply immediately. If this is not available, apply ice cubes to subside the itchiness.


Even those of us who are not prone to breakouts may develop a sudden breakout on the flight. Keep a tiny tube of pure zinc (diaper rash cream) to apply on any inflammation.

Dry and Flaky Skin

During longer flights, it is critical to maintain the overall moisture and integrity of your skin. Avoid wearing makeup on the flight and instead, apply a good quality moisturizer. Also, drink as much water as possible.

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