Homemade Healthy Drinks to Keep You Hydrated

Healthy Drinks

When the weather is warm it is important to make sure that you have a proper fluid intake. But, drinking too many of the wrong fluids can make you actually more thirsty. Here are some homemade drinks you can make that taste good and keep you full and cool.
Homemade Healthy Drinks to Keep You HydratedWhat is it about drinks? We feel thirsty so we grab all manner of wet liquids, but they all aren’t created the same. And many people forget to count their drinks when they are adding up calories in their day.

Here is an eye-opener. One glass of soda is one cup or 8 ounces. With one of those large 24-ounce bottles, that would equal three servings. If each serving is about 120 calories, then drinking the whole bottle means you’ve just consumed 360 empty calories. That could be the better part of a meal that would have kept you full. Instead, it’s a soda that will leave you hungry in five minutes.

Healthy Drinks
What we need is a drink makeover. Separate the hydration drinks from the non-hydration drinks. Sodas are definitely non-hydration drinks. This means that while they may taste good going across your lips, they are not meeting the thirst need.

In the body, all of that extra sugar is actually causing more water to be pulled out of the cells. It is too concentrated. The same happens with caffeinated drinks. So, caffeine drinks and sugar-filled drinks are not what you want to drink if you need to stay hydrated.

Here are some drinks that you can make at home that will fit the bill. Obviously the best hydration drink is water but sometimes you need a change. Other foods contain water and you can use that to your advantage.

* Smoothies – Fruit contains natural sugars and also a lot of water. Use fiber-filled fruits like mangoes, strawberries and blueberries. Mix with fat free vanilla yogurt and some ice cubes. If you need to, add a little sugar for taste or honey. Mix well in a blender.

* Lemonade – Instead of using those drink mixes, make your own. Juice six to eight lemons. Add the juice to a large pitcher. Fill to near the top with boiling water. For sweetness, instead of adding sugar, try a sugar substitute or honey or agave nectar. Mix well. Allow to chill in the fridge. Serve over ice.

* Fruit teas – Start with your favorite flavored tea. Be sure that it is decaffeinated. Steep the tea bags in a pot of boiling water. For taste, add some honey. You can also add some fruit juice concentrate to further sweeten the taste.

For any drink that you make at home like lemonades or teas, mix with equal parts seltzer water for a bubbly refreshing take on soda without all the extra calories.

Drink to your health this summer. Stay happy when you start with these hydrating drink ideas.

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